Wire Frame Design – Concepts and Advantages

Wire Frame Design – Concepts and Advantages


Wire framing is the overall structure of a mobile app as well the art of creating blueprint of mobile app or its foundation and style. It is used specifically to create a very basic layout of the app design. This layout includes the content and functionality of the application and the way users will interact with it. Wire frame designs are used very early in the development process – even before the visual elements are added to the mobile app. It only demonstrates where all the interface elements will be added to the mobile application. It provides a visual understanding of the page before the creative team can begin to work on the design and graphics.

Another great use of a wire frame is to create the basic navigation and the logic that flows from one screen of the app to another. The client can then approve the designs before actual work begins.

Wire frames are easier to create a design concept:

With wire frames, it becomes very easy to review and make any amendments to the design if need be. Making the changes needed, early in the development life cycle will ensure that the final design meets your client’s expectations. It will ensure that the key elements and objectives of the mobile app are included at the right time during the initial phases of the project rather than making changes later.

Wire frames can be drawn regularly, but in order to be technically accurate appropriate tools are used.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Among the Advantages are:

  • Early visual of a mobile application can be created for client review.
  • Enables early feedback for making changes.
  • They are easier to amend than actual designs.
  • Ensures that all the elements of the app screens are correctly placed as per business requirements.
  • Provides a clear vision of the project and scope of development.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • No account for technicalities is taken.
  • It may not be easy for the client to grasp the concept.
  • Translating it into a design may be difficult to fit in if the graphic designers and wire frame designers do not work together.

To sum it up, wire frames truly make it easy for designers, developers and clients to understand and work upon the designing of the mobile application. It’s the beginning of building a creative application that will ultimately represent your business. A perfect wire frame will provide you with a perfectly designed mobile app!


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