Create wordpress plugin kerala

17 Aug How Create WordPress plugin

Create wordpress plugin kerala
To create a plugin, all you need to do is create a folder and then create a single file with one line of content. Navigate to the WP-content/plugins folder, and create a new folder named cybernobplugin. Inside this new folder, create a file named cybernobplugin.php. Open the file in a text editor, and paste the following information in it:

   Plugin Name: cbPlugin Creator
   Plugin URI:
   Description: a plugin to create and spread joy
   Version: 1.2
   Author: Mr. Cybernob
   Author URI:
   License: GPL2

Of all this information, only the plugin’s name is required. But if you intend to distribute your plugin, you should add as much data as possible.

With that out of the way, you can go into the back end to activate your plugin. That’s all there is to it! Of course, this plugin doesn’t do anything; but strictly speaking, it is an active, functioning plugin.Create wordpress plugin kerala.

Structuring Plugins Link for Create wordpress plugin kerala:

When creating complex functionality, splitting your plugin into multiple files and folders might be easier. The choice is yours, but following a few good tips will make your life easier.Create wordpress plugin kerala.

If your plugin focuses on one main class, put that class in the main plugin file, and add one or more separate files for other functionality. If your plugin enhances WordPress’ back end with custom controls, you can create the usual CSS and JavaScript folders to store the appropriate files.

Generally, aim for a balance between layout structure, usability and minimalism. Split your plugin into multiple files as necessary, but don’t go overboard.Create wordpress plugin kerala.

Naming Your Plugin And Its Functions:

When creating a plugin, exercise caution in naming the functions, classes and plugin itself. If your plugin is for generating awesome excerpts, then calling it “excerpts” and calling its main function “the_excerpt” might seem logical. But these names are far too generic and might clash with other plugins that have similar functionality with similar names.Create wordpress plugin kerala.

The most common solution is to use unique prefixes. You could use “acme_excerpt,” for example, or anything else that has a low likelihood of matching someone else naming scheme.

Plugin Safety for Create wordpress plugin kerala:

If you plan to distribute your plugin, then security is of utmost importance, because now you are fiddling with other people’s websites, not just your own. All of the security measures you should take merit their own article, so keep an eye out for an upcoming piece on how to secure your plugin. For now, let’s just look at the theory in a nutshell; you can worry about implementation once you grasp that.

The safety of your plugin usually depends on the stability of its two legs. One leg makes sure that the plugin does not help spread naughty data. Guarding against this entails filtering the user’s input, escaping queries to protect against SQL injection attacks and so on. The second leg makes sure that the user has the authority and intention to perform a given action. This basically means that only users with the authority to delete data (such as administrators) should be able to do it. Guarding intention ensures that visitors aren’t misled by a hacker who has managed to place a malicious link on your website.Create wordpress plugin kerala.

Cleaning Up After Yourself Link in Create wordpress plugin :

Many plugins are guilty of leaving a lot of unnecessary data lying around. Data that only your plugin uses (such as meta data for posts or comments, database tables, etc.) can wind up as dead weight if the plugin doesn’t clean up after itself.

WordPress offers three great hooks to help you take care of this:

  • register_activation_hook()
    This hook allows you to create a function that runs when your plugin is activated. It takes the path to your main plugin file as the first argument, and the function that you want to run as the second argument. You can use this to check the version of your plugin, do some upgrades between versions, check for the correct PHP version and so on.
  • register_deactivation_hook()
    The name says it all. This function works like its counterpart above, but it runs whenever your plugin is deactivated. I suggest using the next function when deleting data; use this one just for general housekeeping.
  • register_uninstall_hook()
    This function runs when the website administrator deletes your plugin in WordPress’ back end. This is a great way to remove data that has been lying around, such as database tables, settings and what not. A drawback to this method is that the plugin needs to be able to run for it to work; so, if your plugin cannot uninstall in this way, you can create an uninstall.php file. Check out this function’s documentation for more information.

Check Tracking :

If your plugin tracks the popularity of content, then deleting the tracked data when the user deletes the plugin might not be wise. In this case, at least point the user to the location in the back end where they can find the plugin’s data, or give them the option to delete the data on the plugin’s settings page before deleting the plugin itself.Create wordpress plugin kerala

The net result of all our effort is that a user should be able to install your plugin, use it for 10 years and then delete it without leaving a trace on the website, in the database or in the file structure.Create wordpress plugin kerala.

Documentation And Coding Standards Link:

If you are developing for a big community, then documenting your code is considered good manners (and good business). The conventions for this are fairly well established — phpDocumentor is one example. But as long as your code is clean and has some documentation, you should be fine.

I document code for my own benefit as well, because I barely remember what I did yesterday, much less the purpose of functions that I wrote months back. By documenting code, you force good practices on yourself. And if you start working on a team or if your code becomes popular, then documentation will be an inevitable part of your life, so you might as well start now.Create wordpress plugin kerala.

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