Web Design Personifies Business

Web Design Personifies Business


No one can now deny the fact that a  web   design  is the face of the business identity.  Web   design  is the hybridization of art and technology. Both need to be in perfect balance and sync for the optimum utility of the website.

Competition has compelled the sellers to be buyer oriented. This insinuates that the  web   design  has to be prepared after keeping into consideration the buyer’s attitude. It is the buyer’s market not the seller’s market. When the buyer searches for any product or service he/she is first going to approach the search engines, type the relevant key words and ask the search engine to search those words/phrases. The execution of this command results in a list of websites being displayed on the monitor. The URLs that feature on the top of this list receive the maximum number of clicks and traffic.

How to feature on the top of the of the search engine list?

The more the website is friendly with the search engine the higher will it be placed in the search list. The factors that play a crucial role in this ranking are the key words, key word phrases, in coming links, outgoing links, speed of downloading, ease at navigation, compatibility with the browser, visuals and the technology used to embed them in the website. It is better to avail the services of a professional and experienced web designer and get a website that is both effective and efficient.

When the prospective buyer clicks and enters the website it is usually the home page that is displayed. Care should be taken that this page should be downloaded in the least possible time. The web page should be attractive and keep the prospective buyer glued to the website. The layout should be simple and easy to understand and navigate. If the layout is messed up and the visitor finds it difficult to find what he/she is searching for, the probability of the visitor clicking on the other website increases tremendously.

The colors used and the size of the text play a key role in appealing to the buyer. Some websites need to have bright colors while others need to be dull colored. The text size depends on the market segment targeted. If the relevance of the overall back ground presentation is more than the size of the text needs to be small but if the website is offering products or services for the elder population than the text size should be large enough to be read.

The content of  web   design  should be convincing. It should be able to assure quality, worth and utility of the product because this can only convert a prospective buyer into a buyer. If the content of the  web   design  fails to convince the buyer, the click and the featuring on the top of the search engine list are rendered useless. The  web   design  should be such that the buyer should be assured about confidential data such as the username and the password of the credit card.

 Web   design  is vital for the success of the website and the overall business. Get your business a new face in a  web  site  designed  by a professional website designer.

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