Types Of Websites And When To Use Them (Sales Page, Brochure Ware, Ecommerce, Flash Web Sites, Etc)

Types Of Websites And When To Use Them (Sales Page, Brochure Ware, Ecommerce, Flash Web Sites, Etc)


  1. Corporate web sites: this is the first step for most companies when they decide to build their home on the internet. Corporate web sites are pretty much like corporate presentation in a web friendly form. They provide information to users about the company and also provide contact information. The corporate web site is useful for companies who are planning to use the web site as a marketing tool.
  2. Personal web sites: as the name suggests, personal web sites are web sites which belong to individuals and they have their personal profile featured on it along with any thing that they have an active interest in. A personal web site is usually targeted to a person’s friends and family and has limited viewer ship. Personal web sites are quite easy to put together and you can even do it yourself with the help of some web sites.
  3. Flash web sites: Flash as you might already know is one of the leading web technologies which exist today. Flash allows you to make an audio video friendly web site which can act as a great way to advertise a product or a service. Many people relate flash to digital format of television and in a way it is true. Flash web sites tend to be rich with graphics and effects and a well designed flash web site is bound to impress the user and create the desired effect. Flash web sites are deployed by luxury product companies and consumer product companies to create a lasting impression on the users.
  4. Sales pages: Occasionally you would come across a web site which has just a couple of long pages which has a lot of client comments and information about a product. These sites are actually sales pages or landing pages of products or services which are sold online. E-books and online courses have sales pages which help promote them online and these cannot be clubbed with the conventional types of web sites.
  5. Ecommerce web sites: More and more corporate web sites are moving towards the ecommerce direction. If you have a product which you can sell online, the idea is that you should. Online sales are increasing at a good pace and many offline retailers are venturing into online modes. Ecommerce web sites are those which allow you to buy something online and complete a transaction by paying for it online as well. Ecommerce web sites require interaction with some third party web sites to be able to provide you this service and can be complicated to create but a good ecommerce web site has the potential to provide an excellent revenue stream for a business.
  6. The above listed types are the common types of web sites and though they might be some specialization within these categories, they more or less cover the entire gamut of web sites which exist today.
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