Personal Wealth Management and Starting an Online Business

Personal Wealth Management and Starting an Online Business


With the advent of the internet, the opportunities for starting a home-based businesses and finding financial independence and freedom have skyrocketed. In fact, online businesses are ideal for self-reliant entrepreneurs who are tired of working dead-end office jobs or stay-at-home moms who want to make extra money to support their families and jumpstart their career. Online businesses make connecting with clients around the world easier than ever. Through email blasts, grassroots campaigns, blogs, and interactive web pages, they make marketing a dream. Through video chat, instant messaging, and forums, they make talking with prospective members easier than ever.

In short, starting a home-based business is at anyone’s fingertips, and anyone with an internet connection and a dream can launch one. But this begs the question: why are some online business owners pulling in six figure profits and finally finding financial independence while so many others are trying and quickly failing?

The answer is simple: just because something is easy to do doesn’t mean that it is easy to do right. While it may be easier to have an online business today, it is not necessarily easier to have a successful online business that allows you to exponentially grow your wealth, have more time for your family and friends, and give you the career independence and control that you’ve always wanted.

Many who dive into the online business industry without much research often find themselves frustrated, lost, and ultimately in a worse financial situation than when they started – their dreams of personal wealth management and being their own boss shattered. Even if they find limited success with a multi-level marketing (MLM) program, they may still find themselves struggling to pay the bills and having to learn everything there is to know about online marketing with very little guidance. Even if they understand how to create an online business, they may not have the tools or services available to grow that online business into an entity that leads to reliable wealth creation.

However, as the most innovative entrepreneurs study the problems of home-based online businesses, a simple and working solution has been developed. In 2003, CarbonCopyPro co-founders Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson decided that instead of reeling people in with empty promises and taking advantage of their dreams, they would troubleshoot the flawed online marketing model and create one that worked for anyone who had the dedication, heart, and enthusiasm to put it to work. They were so confident about their new product that they have vowed to create 100 new millionaires by 2012.

At the heart of CarbonCopyPro is their fully automated turnkey system, Business-in-a-Box (BiB). BiB has what was missing from all of the other legitimate home-based business opportunities: no guess work. Kubassek and Parkinson found that no matter how hard other online business entrepreneurs were working, they were constantly running into barriers, making human errors, and facing steep learning curves. None of them had an advantage over any other person in the business – it was thousands of hopeful marketing consultants in a dark room, unsure of the next step.

Business-in-a-Box allows users to know each step to take and how to take it. Although there is still hard work involved, that hard work sees results that match the effort. The universal marketing solution gives CarbonCopyPro consultants access to pre-designed websites, auto responders, qualifying filters, and a high-quality call center. In addition, the simple system not only provides users with extensive training by proven online business and marketing experts, but also offers members outsourced marketing professional services that can write marketing copy, build websites, and begin grassroots marketing campaigns.

These wealth management tools and services break down the barriers keeping entrepreneurs from wealth creation. They concentrate your efforts into the right projects and places and prevent you from wasting time, energy, money or thought on any method that is not proven to work. More than that, CarbonCopyPro connects you with like-minded self-starters who you can network with and team up with to see even more success.

Starting an online business can be easy, but seeing results and achieving significant wealth creation can be a daunting task. CarbonCopyPro is a proven system that has done much of the hard work for you and taken human error out of the online business start-up equation.


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