Layman Tips on Web Design

Layman Tips on Web Design


Even without much technical know-how, anyone can now come up with a high quality website design site. With the technology framework advancements available today, it does not take much time and skills for anyone to come up with the  web   design . Website management framework and systems such as WordPress and Joomla! have made website development very easy. All you need is a good template and customizing the template to the design that you want does not take much skills. Therefore, you can save much of your website capital by having a do-it-yourself website. However, to ensure that the website looks professional and up to standards, you may need to learn some simple design skills. This will enable you design a professional looking website. Some of the major website design tips are provided below.

Use a Formal and Legible Font

The font you use throughout your website is very important. The quality of your  web   design  will have a lot to do with how your font is presented. Use a font that is universal used by all browsers. If you use a unique font, most browsers will not display the content in regular characters. Use a good formal font such as Times Romans. Your font size should also be large enough and legible enough to avoid having to strain your visitors. When using content from other websites, ensure that you are given the relevant rights.

Proper Use of Images

When using images, it is important to ensure that all images have the relevant copyrights. Avoid having very large images as they will slow down the speed at which the website loads. Avoid a lot of pictures as they make your website look to crowded. Crop the images and size them correctly. Ensure that they are stored in the right places and that they fit correctly as you intended.

Background Contrast

The background of your  web   design  plays an important role in the overall looks of your website. The font and the background should contrast well so as to ensure complete legibility of your content. The background should also use colors that are attractive.

Color Matching

Matching the colors of your images, your headings and subheadings, your website background and your outlines should be done correctly to effect a professional look. Try and have an overall website design theme color and try and have all images, banners and headlines with a predominance of the theme color.

Proper Formatting and Content Distribution

Ensure that your text is properly formatted throughout the website. The orderliness of the content presentation plays an important role in the quality of your  web   design . Ensure that the most important information comes at the top and is conspicuous to your visitors. Use of flash presentations and any other scripts should be used with proper care as this is more of a technical job. Distribute the content evenly in a page. Avoid empty gaps and poorly utilized space.


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