Latest Web Design Trends on Board in 2012

Latest Web Design Trends on Board in 2012


Mobile web technology is gaining momentum and will be ruling in the coming years, as per the survey reports. With the mobile friendly generation growing in a vertical fashion, 20% of total web search and browsing is supposed to be done on mobile devices in 2012 itself. Designers and developers are focusing on mobile technology to ensure that websites have mobile-friendly look and function. Websites with mobile themes and interface can be see, without a glitch, on iPad, iPhone and the Android based phones. Evidently, mobile compatible web design services are popular.

Relying on HTML5 and CSS3

In the last few years, Flash used to be the most wanted and used multimedia tool for animation. Adobe has ceased to be supportive for mobile devices. Now web developers are extensively using JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 for lending animated effects to websites. According to experts, Flash has no better alternative in terms of interactivity.

Designing banners and ribbons

These are not brand new web design trends or techniques in the industry. It has recently hit the jackpot. Banner navigation bars and corner ribbons have become popular web design trends. Web designers are honing their skills in designing banners and ribbons better than before. Tutorials on banner and ribbon designing too are available online.

Integrating social media apps

Social media integration is one of the must-have features of website themes these days. Demand for social media integration is likely to rise in the coming years when mobile devices will be ruling roost in the market as minicomputer systems. Keywords like social networking and social community are much-heard and much-used facets of the web world. Mobile phone users are in the habit of browsing the web, accessing social media and sharing views or posts on social platforms when they are on the go. Mobile friendly websites come with integrated social media apps so that the users can utilize the latest social media innovations to their benefit.

Designing online magazines

Online magazines are on the rise in terms of use and popularity. With unique and interactive page layout, they are unlike commonplace WordPress blog. The design of the home page of an online magazine should be attractive, purposeful and interactive to catch attention. Mobile versions of online magazines are all the rage with those who connect with the world on their mobile phones.

Designing single page layout

Single page layout design is a hot web design trend in 2012. Anything that is additional or unnecessary can be easily deleted from single page layouts. Such is the benefit of this trend. Single page layout also serves as business cards giving the business information precisely and concisely.

Adding modal window to websites

A modal window is a pop-up window but more sophisticated than the latter. It displays information and asks the visitor for inputs. The visitors do not need to leave the current page. Modal windows with registration forms are set to become the face of websites like video galleries.

If you want any of these new design features to be packed in the website of your dream, make sure to hire a web design services provider who is up with the latest trends in web design.


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