Know About the Essentials of a Good Web Design

Know About the Essentials of a Good Web Design


A good web design is most significant and foremost aspect when it comes to the making and running of a website. It involves such details which are pleasing and usable, as well as visually articulate and technically sound respectively. Moreover, the design which is to be incorporated should help to build brand and deliver timely information as well.

The following are the essentials of a good web design which need to be executed in the right way.

1. Spacing

Spacing is an important aspect which makes thing appear clearer and should not be compromised at all. It involves three aspects which are given below.

– Line Spacing:

When a text is laid out on a webpage, the space between the lines directly affects the readability for the users. If the space is too less than it becomes easier to read, if there is too much space, it takes longer to adjust to the flow of reading. So, in order to control line spacing, you can adjust it through a ‘line-height’ feature.

– Padding:

Padding means the space between the text and the elements. It is vital that the images should not touch the text and vice versa. There should be enough space between the two always.

– White Space:

White space does not mean that the space should be white only. This term refers to the empty or void space on the webpage. It gives proportion, contrast and balance to the page. Sometimes, a lot of white space is required to give an up-market and elegant design to the website.

2. Navigation

Navigation involves going or moving through the webpages and the website on the whole. It covers two aspects mentioned as follows.

– Where to go:

Here, you need to be very specific about the buttons on the web page. That is, buttons which are used to navigate the website should be easy to identify and located on the top of the webpage. The text on the button should be readable to guide you to the right place.

– Orientation:

Orientation can be done in two ways which will enable the user to not to get lost on the website. One is through the big heading or drop-down feature on the menu. And the other is through the usage of sub-headings, site map and oven bread crumb trails respectively.

3. Typography

The most imperative and common essential of a web design is text and a proper attention has to be given to it as well. It covers six aspects.

– Font Choices:

There are plenty of fonts that can be used and each suggests different things. Some fonts may appear modern while the other fonts may look retro. So, it is important to apply the right ones indeed.

– Font Sizes:

The text or font size is also very important for the web page. The size should be consistent, proportioned and big enough to read easily.

– Spacing:

Spacing either between lines or different objects is equally important. You should have adequate spacing between the letters so that they appear clear and are read easily.

– Line Length:

It is very necessary that the lines of text should not be very long. As very long lines become harder to read.

– Color:

When color is used for the text, it should not be of low-contrast level at all. The contrast should be in such a way that it becomes easy to read the text.

– Paragraphing:

There should not be weird gaps between paragraphs on the webpage. They should be aligned on the left-hand side so that the text appears clear and properly formatted as well.


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