Key Elements For Tree Service Company Websites

Key Elements For Tree Service Company Websites


Show off your stuff! You work hard for a living and you should be proud. Show off your staff with pictures and biographies. Let your staff tell potential customers why they are the right choice. Include pictures of your different equipment, trucks, saws, or stump grinders. Brag about your quality of work with before and after pictures and letters from past customers. I have found many times professionals that are great at what they do find it hard to brag about how good they are. That is probably why they are so good in the first place, but a website needs to covey a confident message. This is no place to be modest. This is a good reason to have professional help when creating your tree service company site.

Let them know how to reach you! It is a mystery to me why any business owner would make it difficult for a website visitor to find their contact information. Many websites I have looked at over the last few months do exactly that. Many times the contact information is only listed on the tree service website’s contact us page. In my opinion your contact information including your mailing address, email, and phone number should be listed prominently on every page of the tree service company website. Never make it so a potential customer has to look to find your phone number.

Make sure your site sells! While your tree service company website should contain information about your company and educate consumers, the whole reason for using the internet to advertise your company is to help you get new customers. Make sure you have an easy to understand short way for customers to tell you what they want or inquire about prices. Studies show that you have 7 seconds to tell the customer what you do and how they can buy it. Conversion is something that professional tree service web designers look to maximize. It is the difference in design that makes more visitors your customers. Would you rather have ten thousand clicks and one sale or ten clicks and 3 sales? Make your tree service company website a sales tool.


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