Importance of Web Design and SEO

Importance of Web Design and SEO


Website has become a necessity of a business; you have to make your impression on the web world. To make a decent impression; you need a solid and attractive  web   design  for you website and that design must fulfill your business requirements because a website play a role of a bridge between business owner and a client. So you have to think according to the mind of your client what they want most and how they want it to be.

 Web   design  is not just about designing aspect its much mote then that because it involves the technicality along with the functional aspects of the website. One of the most important things which most of the people ignore is, to well communicate with the designer and tell them about the key requirements which must be in the design if your website. A website is most likely to engage the traveling to online website visitors only the moment the website layout is actually quite pleasing. Search Engines drive more than 85% of Internet Traffic. With right optimization,  web   design  and development, your website can reach on the top spot of search engine list and catch the attention of the net users. If the website layout doesn’t meet the requirements of the visitors they might back off.

The basic cause of a website is to generate business though it and to do that your website must have attractive and a user friendly design, so that you can convert maximum visitors in to your customers.

Beside this another problem that people are facing is a website promotion. Having a great website is not good enough, you need to promote your website and for that purpose you website needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is has become a necessary part of an Internet marketing strategy, because search engines are playing an important role in the growth of business as people are become more search oriented. So to be on the top of search engine list you have to perform SEO. Search Engines drive more than 80% of website Traffic. With right optimization,  web   design  and development, you website can attain a top spot in search list. On the other hand it will also improve your website page rank (PR).

(SEO) process involves certain steps like link building, directory submission, Search engine submission etc. but need an SEO expert which have complete knowledge of all the key factors of website optimization and as a result you will have highly targeted traffic and high website page rank (PR).

So a great website design and a right SEO plan can make a great difference to your business.


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