Hardware and Software Requirements For Making Websites

Hardware and Software Requirements For Making Websites


A little while ago my old laptop needed replacing, it was over 3 years old and the battery had a 10 minute charge life and the charger was needing to be replaced. A quick visit to eBay and for less than $500 Australian a new Toshiba laptop was delivered.

About the same time I visited a friend who had spent over $1,500 Australian on a laptop from a large electrical retailer. My friend mainly uses the laptop to check emails and create simple word documents, I was thinking that maybe a $1,500 laptop was extravagant to their needs.

As a web page designer and article writer I feel that my $500 laptop completes my tasks with complete ease.

Most visitors to my Making Website Blog are beginning their learning path, my blog covers information in regards to content, domain names, web hosting and SEO. I though why shouldn’t computer hardware and software be covered to, after all it is what is use to browse, compose and submit our work.

As you can see I don’t think bigger is better, the $500 laptop has Vista as the operating system, 2GB of ram, 160GB of Hard Drive and the CPU is a Celeron 2.2Ghz. The tasks that this laptop needs to undertake are, web browsing of course, simple picture editing (cropping, resizing and compressing for the web), text editing and when I just want to be slack, my favourite game.

Now you know what hardware I use for my  web   design , I will now run through of my list essential software;

  • Web browsers – IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. So we can check that the page views OK across a variety of platforms.
  • Gimp – For my picture editing.
  • Dreamweaver MX 2004 – Mainly used in text editing mode, and I like the site manager.
  • Xampp – Xampp creates a server on my PC so I can create a full working page so it can be tested before I upload
  • Fireftp – A Firefox plugin to transfer files.
  • And the last an most used software is windows notepad – I am using it now as I am writing this article. My Blog and EzineArticles have a feature where I can copy and paste text in to the “new post” form.

The above are my choices for hardware and software, some of you may like to use a desktop machine and would prefer to use a graphical interface to create your pages. I would like to know, and I assume that some the readers of my blog would be interested what you use.


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