Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist


Graphic artists create art and layouts by arranging images and text to communicate a message in print and electronic media such as magazines, newspapers, books and websites, as well as for corporate branding, exhibitions and advertising purposes. Most graphic artists specialize in a number of fields including television, film and computer graphics, exhibition designing, corporate branding, book and magazine designing, advertising and illustration. A graphic designer can rise up in the creative world through his vivid imagination and hard work, and can acquire the post of design directors, art directors or creative directors in his career.

The profile of a graphic artist usually requires him to talk to clients to get a better understanding of their visual communication requirements and, on that basis, develop rough designs or sketches for approval. Once the client approves the idea, a designer prepares layouts of the sketches by using modern techniques like photography, illustration and computer-generated imagery. The layouts, once approved by the client, are printed and then set up for exhibitions or for advertising purposes. Although a graphic artist is only supposed to prepare designs for his clients, it is also imperative for an artist to interact with his client on a regular basis to understand his requirements, and supervise the design production stages to ensure a quality product for his client.

Graphic artists mostly work as a member of a team in design studios or advertising agencies, and after gaining considerable experience one can also undertake freelance work. Although a diploma in creative design is a plus for an artist, personal aptitudes like a creative and imaginative mind, good sense of color and form, good communication skills, good marketing abilities, the ability to work under pressure and ability to work in a team are some of attributes which are essential for a designer to succeed.

Graphic design is quite a rewarding career, and one can gain not only monetary wealth but can also amass fame through hard work and creativity.


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