Everything You Need to Know About Web Design

Everything You Need to Know About Web Design


A representation of content, related to an individual, business or any other topic; using design and graphic principles on the internet in the form of web applications and web sites is known as  web   design .  Web   design  usually involves and uses technologies and standards such as HTML,


 Web   design  differs completely from web development, which is more technical and deals with issues concerning the web site dynamics, validations and constraints. The principle of  web  site  design  further involves conception and collection of web pages, that in turn, collectively are known as a single entity, a web site. Web pages are usually the basic content and design holders for the entire web site.

 Web   design  involves great many characteristics of design. The  web  site  design  usually depends completely on the type of content. The  web  site  design  should be consistent with the content offered by the site and should be able to please the target population looking for such content.  Web  site  design , should be such that it renders the site almost maintain ace free. It should also be user-friendly, with the most basic navigational concepts instilled and an interface that keeps bringing its users back for more. Thus  web   design  plays a very heavy hand in retaining the web traffic. Aesthetics should be eye pleasing and should be consistent throughout the web site. The whole idea of  web   design , caters around the presentation of the content posted on the web page, this should be kept in mind during the design phases, so that the content is stark and completely readable without any hindrances.  Web   design  definitely affects the online business and visitor retention a lot, no body wants to visit a web sit again which is poorly design and the navigating is a pain.


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