Ecommerce Web Hosting and Design Services – 4 Important Components

Ecommerce Web Hosting and Design Services – 4 Important Components


Business moves at light speed these days – mostly because so much of commerce has moved onto the internet. Whereas shopping online was only for a select few 10 years ago, now nearly everyone has made purchases on the internet. And if they haven’t yet, the chances are high that they will in the future.

With all of this potential profit online, it’s no wonder you’re thinking about starting your own ecommerce site. But before you do, there are some things you should take under careful advisement. The first of these is whether or not you should hire ecommerce web hosting and design services to create your site for you. Capitalizing upon the experience of a solid ecommerce web hosting and design services team can mean the difference between a successful website and one that enjoys no traffic.

Whether you opt to hire a company or create the website yourself, there are four important elements that are critical for any website.

1. The Power of SEO

Traffic is the lifeline for a website. Even the most beautiful website designed by the top ecommerce web hosting and design services team is obsolete without visitors. Therefore, when you are designing your website, it is critical that you keep SEO in mind.

Whereas flash websites may look the most appealing, they are not search engine optimized. It is difficult for the search engine bots to crawl flash websites because they are images – and search bots have an inability to read pictures. Subsequently, choosing a programming platform that is search engine optimized is critical to building a successful ecommerce website.

If an ecommerce web hosting and design services firm has many flash websites in their portfolio, then you should carefully evaluate whether this is right for you. You need to carefully balance SEO and aesthetics when you choose an ecommerce web hosting and design services.

2. Answering Your Customer’s Questions

When you’re designing your ecommerce site, it’s important to anticipate the questions your customers will have in mind. Try to visit your site with the perspective of a newcomer, with no outside idea of what you’re trying to sell. What questions would your customers have when they arrived on the site? Would they need clarification on the products you sell, or where they can see related items?

Thinking about your customer’s questions will help you design a clear, accurate, and easy-to-navigate website. Many ecommerce webmasters make the mistake of thinking they have to be flashy and impressive to get web surfers’ attention. This is generally untrue. As long as your site is clean and professional, let your products speak for themselves.

If you are considering hiring an ecommerce web hosting and design services firm, then you should carefully evaluate their portfolio. Visit the websites they have designed and analyze how you feel once you arrive at the home page. Is the website clearly designed, eliminating any confusion you may have? Do you feel comfortable navigating around the website created by the ecommerce web hosting and design services team? A good ecommerce web hosting and design services firm will create crisp, clean, and open websites that automatically answer any questions the consumer may have.

3. Keep Content Organized

Don’t make the mistake of having a site that is full of clutter and disarray. This is in line with answering your customer’s questions – by keeping your website clean and clear for customers to be able to browse in peace. Clearly defined navigation buttons, either horizontally or vertically, will help your customers stay on your site browsing.

Webmasters find themselves in significant trouble when they aren’t satisfied with the sales of their products. Sometimes they will look to having paid ads on their site to make up some of the lost income. This is fine, but it can lead to a very cluttered and messy site if you’re not careful. Take this same approach with the content you place yourself on the site. Make sure you have a place for everything – and that everything is neatly in its place.

If you are evaluating an ecommerce web hosting and design services portfolio, it is important to take time to navigate through their sample websites. Do not give into the temptation of flashy animation – instead, look at the bones of the websites and whether you could imagine yourself purchasing from the site.

4. Maintain a Theme

Having a great site means using color and pictures to create a virtual ambiance. Take a look at any popular chain of stores and notice how each of them employs a brand that is in line with their store ambiance.

Determine a feeling you want your customers to get when they come to your website. Then pick colors and images that will tend to bring out that feeling. Are you targeting men who appreciate the finer things in life? Then you may want to opt for colors that exude dark luscious wood and crisp lines. Is your target audience the stay-at-home mom? Then create an experience that is warm, lovely, and filled with female styling.

The same evaluation goes towards your analysis of an ecommerce web hosting and design services firm. Are the websites they design emotional, with an ambiance? Or are they simply flashy, colorful designs that do not evoke a branding sensation? A creative ecommerce web hosting and design services team knows how to create unique experiences that evoke the long-term brand and emotion of your website.

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming, there are plenty of ecommerce web hosting and design services that will make your site look beautiful for the right price. An investment in an ecommerce web hosting and design service can grow exponentially in revenues in the long run.


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