Custom Website Design Tips For Newbies

Custom Website Design Tips For Newbies


Is designing your website proving to be too much of a chore? Would you rather focus your time and energies on the actual internet marketing of your product instead? Perhaps you are thinking of getting custom website design.

Custom website design is any work on a website layout that is aimed at a specific purpose, or according to the requirements of its owner. Whenever you want to come up with a design to meet certain needs, it’s customization that you want. Generally an internet marketing site has to be customized so it can generate more traffic and more money. The website therefore has to be pleasing and useful.

There are different ways to customize your website. Which method you should use depends on how much improvement you want done on your site. It also depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into the designing yourself, or how little. Some will cost you more than others. For a beginning internet marketer, it would be more sensible to look for quality yet affordable web services.

Ways to Customize Your Web Site

Option 1: Free web templates. This is for you if you have a fair knowledge of web page coding, and at the same time don’t want to pay for custom website design. You pick a free website template you like, save the code and associated files to your computer, and edit the code yourself. A free template has its own color scheme, header styles, graphics and layout. It’s a quick solution, but the problem there is since the templates are free, there could be hundreds of other sites using the same template as yours.

Option 2: Commercial web templates. Now if you want better design quality, you can buy a professional web template for as little as $60, or as much as $2,000 if you want exclusive rights to the template. You’ll still have to edit it yourself. Usually the flash templates are the expensive ones, but they are also very attractive.

Option 3: Customizable web sites. Similar to the above, you buy a template, but you can get the designer to customize the pages as you like.

Option 4: Order a unique website design. This is custom website design to the max. You order a unique site and they will build it from scratch. It goes without saying this is the most costly option.

Custom website design can get expensive real quick if you aren’t careful. It’s easy to get carried away by flashy commercial templates that cost even more than your domain name and web space. Although they look good, they are hardly necessary for the budding internet marketer. With just the right tools and software for the job, you can create a professional-level site you can be proud of. The good news is there are online resources where you can get such affordable web authoring tools. In order to save time and simplify the process, look for one-stop shops that have a broad range of tutorials, software and services.


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