Barclays Online Banking Security

Barclays Online Banking Security


Are you hesitant to try an online bank due to security concerns?  This article will provide an overview of Barclays Online Banking Security. Barclays Bank UK has worked hard on its website security.  It has 3.5 million account holders to protect.

Barclays is a United Kingdom financial institution that has over 3.5 million registered users. With this many active accounts, security is of the upmost importance. For this reason Barclays has installed software from the world’s leader in digital security, Gemalto. This security software was tailor made to not only strengthen online user authentication for this vast online banking system but the system as a whole.

According to Barclays, the security of the Barclays internet banking system is guaranteed 100% from online fraud. Some of the features of this security system include a secure 128 bit encrypted server, and the system itself logs customers off after an idle time of 10 minutes. There is also a special way to log in with drop lists of letters to guard against viruses and your access will be disabled if several log in attempts fail.

To assist with the security system at the server level, Barclays also provides its customers with Kaspersky internet security suite software for their home computers. This is provided free of charge with an online account at Barclays Internet Bank.

This internet banking system provides Barclays customers with access to all of their accounts. Some of the service provides are online bill paying, money transfers and the ability to view transfer and bill payment history. Other online services are monthly statements, and the ability to apply for personal loans.

Barclays Official Website has advanced to the level that anything a Barclays branch office can provide is now available online in a secure and safe manner. For those customers that need help with this vast system, there is a 24/7 helpline available. Move into the future of banking today with the most advanced and secure network available with Barclays Online Banking.


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