4 Web Design Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

4 Web Design Mistakes You Should Always Avoid


Your website is very important because it is what represents you to your markets and how well you have packaged it determines the value that you fetch from your visitors. There are so many tricks of building a winning website but also important is knowing mistakes that can cost you value from your site. There are a number of  web   design  mistakes that should be avoided or fixed as necessary so that you are able to retain your visitors and get some good value off them.

1. Slow loads

For users nothing can be more frustrating that a website that takes ages to load. This is actually one of the most costly mistakes you can make with your design because users do not even think twice about leaving the site before getting the information they were looking for. Make sure that your images, videos and content are optimized for fast loading. If you have heavy content that is bound to take time loading, find a simple way of fixing the issues such as using entertaining loading animation that takes the users’ mind off the loading period and offers them valuable information as well.

2. Poor images

What you need to remember about web images is that they attract immediate attention in that users will first look at the images even before reading the text included. Using bad images will without doubt kill your credibility and professionalism and this is something you really want to avoid. Always ensure that the images you use are relevant to your brand and are high in quality especially the resolution. If you do not know how to go about the process then let a professional web designer handle the images or get a professional illustrator or photographer to help you with an image deck.

3. Complicated navigation

To get conversions, you want to ensure that your visitors have an easy time browsing the website and moving from one page to another. Navigation that is too complicated will not do much to help you achieve this. Instead you will confuse the visitors and increase the chances of them leaving before they get what they were looking for or what you intended to show them. If possible avoid multiple dropdown options and go for links or related page structures that help the visitors in moving from one place to another depending on what appeals the most to them in your content.

4. Missing contact information

You hope your site has every important detail and feature to guide the visitors to making purchases but you fall flat if your contact information is missing. Today buyers of any service or product want to make confirmations and verifications before hiring or purchasing anything. You will never be trusted if you do not offer your contact details so you can be reached for any reason at all regarding what you are offering. Ensure that you include your contacts in easy to find web locations.


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