3 Electronic Devices for People Who Can Not Talk

3 Electronic Devices for People Who Can Not Talk


If you can not talk there are three different products on the market to give you a voice. There is not any reason for you not to be able to communicate with the world. Do you need one of these amazing devices or do you know someone who does.?If you have answsered yes or no to either question, read on.


(a) A TTY Machine is a telephone with a keypad.

(b) It is an operator assisted which is called a relay service.

© Your call is placed by a special TTY Operator.

— You type your message to your phone contact

— When the other person answers.

—You will type your message

— You will be able to hear your the other person speak.


It is a telephone with a keypad and small screen.

—Your call is placed by a special TTY Operator.

—You type your message to the operator.

—The operator will type a message to your phone contact.

—-The entire phone conversation will be done by typing.

(d) This service is especially valuable to the person who can not speak or hear.


(1) A small electronic machine which fits the palm of your hand.

(2) It is placed up against your neck.

(3) You then mouth your words.

(4) The vibrations make words.

(5) Your words are heard.


When the device is placed against your neck it will cause soreness.

Both the electronic devices listed above are FREE through the California Access Program. If you do not live in California contact your utility company and find out what program they have for the hearing and speech handicapped.

The phone number is 800-806-1191 and the fax # is 800-889-3974. The website is http://www.ddtp.org.

—You need to contact the California Access Program for an Application.

— It needs to be signed by your doctor and faxed or mailed to the above number.

—When you application is processed a Field Representative will call you and come to your home.

—At that time, you will receive training in the equipment best for your special needs and install it.


(1) The SGP device is not a device you can receive FREE. Medicare and most insurance companies will pay for this amazing electronic device.

(2) This is a small computer you carry with you.

(4) You type on the keyboard push a button and the computer will speak.

(5) You can even pick out the voice you like from several samples.

(6) This electronic device gives you a voice to the world without a relay operator to get involved in your telephone call.

(7) You can carry on your usual conversation with people in the same room or on the telephone. Ask your doctor or your speech therapist about this amazing device. There are several different computers to choose from.

There is not any reason one of the above choices will not work for you – a loved one or friend.

Tell somebody about the choices for them to use – and to have their voice heard.

Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to read any of my numerous articles on several different subjects.

Copyright Linda E. Meckler 2007


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