Where Do You Start When You Want To Write An eBook?

Where Do You Start When You Want To Write An eBook?


A lot of online business owners, bloggers and information marketers and make good money selling eBooks – the electronic version of the traditional, physical book. You most likely already know this but where do you start if you are considering writing an eBook yourself.

Build Trust With Your Audience

People buy eBooks from bloggers and online business owners they trust and respect. Provided that you develop a solid relationship with your audience first, and provide them lots of useful, free value, you will have an audience that will be happy to pay you for more information that helps solves a problem in their lives.

Ask Your Audience What They Want

You can do this through your blog, a survey or via email. This works well because it you to put the power of a number of minds to work for you, and ensures you will have people interested in buying your eBook when you’ve written it.

Answer The Burning Question

Your eBook needs to answer a burning question. “How to avoid (subject title)“, filling in the subject title with something that is applicable to your niche. For example, how to avoid “putting on weight over Christmas” or “cheating on my diet” are all great ideas if you’re in the weight loss niche.

Leverage The Work Of Others

Let successful writers do all the work for you. Have a look at a magazine stand, a book shop or library. Look for titles that relate to your blog or online business, modify the title but keep the topic of the book or magazine, and start writing your eBook.

Surf Online Groups And Communities

Forums, chat rooms and social media sites are great places to look for information and inspiration. Type “your niche forum” into Google, (replacing “your niche” with the subject of your blog or website) and see what your prospective audience are talking about and what problems or interests that they have.

What Problem Can Your eBook Solve Quickly?

Think about what problems you can solve in your marketplace in a short period of time. eBooks that guarantee results in 7, 14, 21 or 30 days sell extremely well.

What Have You Recently Achieved?

Your eBook can be about something you recently did in your business. Perhaps you have just set up an online business? Have you finally got your dog house trained? If you’re looking for ideas to write an eBook about what your prospective customers need you often don’t need to look any further than yourself!


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