Web Design for Kids: 5 Essential Tips for Building a Lovable Site

Web Design for Kids: 5 Essential Tips for Building a Lovable Site


Building a website for kids requires an innovative and fun approach. All the design rules that apply to professional websites are relaxed. As a designer, you have the chance to indulge your creativity and imagination to the fullest.

However, you need to keep in mind that the website you create will be used and navigated by toddlers and little kids. The usual pointers that adults can easily and intuitively pick may not make any sense to kids. In this article, we will discuss five essential tips, trends and techniques for building a website that kids fall in love with.

Use Exciting Colors & Cheerful Animations

If you use a combination of bright orange, yellow and red on a corporate website, you will be fired. But when you are choosing a color scheme for a children’s website, no colors are off-limits. So, using bright, stimulating colors that make the kids feel happy and excited is a good idea. Combine the colors with the picture of a laughing kid or with animations of some grinning cartoon character and you have a page that kids will enjoy staring at.

Interactive Elements

You can stare at a picture for just so long. A happy and colorful page will arouse the interest of the little ones, but you need a little more than that to keep the kids hooked. You need interactive elements on your site that respond pleasantly when the kids click or tap the screen – the kids have to be entertained.

One of the simplest ways of accomplishing this is introducing animated characters that kids can manipulate in different ways. For instance, you can people the screen with several characters who speak out their names or a stock dialogue when they are clicked on.

Simple & Easy Navigation

Every website designer knows that it pays to keep website navigation simple and easy. But when you design a website for kids, you don’t know for sure that your target audience can read. You cannot depend on words to guide the kids. So, you must oversimplify the call-to-action and navigation areas and make it easy for the kids to explore the website. Using friendly fonts with extra-large text is also a good idea.

Videos, Videos and Games

Have you ever observed a child watching a cartoon on TV or a video on laptop or mobile? The moving figures totally captivate the kids. More than any image, sound or animation, it is videos with interesting characters that appeal to children. By prominently displaying a video on your site, you will retain the attention of the kids.

Fun and interactive games that require no time to learn are another tool that can help you win the hearts of your audience. You can also use such games as navigational pathways if your subject matter is compelling enough.

Talk to the Parents

While all the above tips will help you create a page that kids like, you also need to think a little about their parents. Parents keep a close eye on their kids when they are browsing the Internet. No matter how well you design the site, the kids may get lost or may find it difficult to find what they want. By including tips for parents, you will enhance the experience for the kids. Just be careful to not overdo it.

To sum it up

As long as you use vibrant and lively colors, large buttons, interactive elements, videos and intuitive navigation, you will be able to offer a good experience to the kids who visit your website. Keep your design grounded in these essentials, and you have full freedom to unleash your creativity.


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