Want A Company Website You Can Update?

Want A Company Website You Can Update?


If you are a small business owner, can you afford to be without a website? No, every business owner knows the importance of marketing their business on the web. However, until recently, there were basically two website development choices to make:

1) Hire a developer to create a website requiring ongoing and recurring updates with ongoing fees OR

2) Purchase a very expensive content management system to house the website, so non-programmers (like an administrative assistant) can update the website.

As small business technology consultants we are pleased to offer a win-win recommendation… Joomla!

This open source content management system offers the small business owner the flexibility to choose a robust solution without a large price tag. In fact, the Joomla! software is available free, along with a detailed user guide at the website: http://www.joomla.org

There is a huge worldwide base of satisfied Joomla! customers and developers who suggest or make improvements to the software daily. You can start with one of several basic Joomla! templates, choose a customized template (free or fee) or create your own design using a low-cost template generator.

If you do not have a webmaster in-house, it is very easy to locate many high quality Joomla! programmers to help setup the website structure in minutes. Once the website structure is loaded, non-programmers can easily update graphics or text.

If this sounds interesting here are some other important considerations:

– Joomla! runs on Linux. Hosting services typically offer two choices: Windows or Linux with both being offered at the same price.

– When searching for Joomla! hosting services, look for companies that offer a C-Panel choice. These will often also offer a Fantastico software program.

– Many companies are running blogs as their websites, however blogs are not as robust as a content management system, so Joomla! might be a better choice.

– Changing the look of your Joomla! website is accomplished in only a couple of clicks.

– Joomla! websites contain sections to house Web 2.0 elements: blogs, chat forums, file sharing and the ability to link to other websites.

– There are different levels of access, so the administrator can grant permission to people who will update only certain site sections.


Joomla! offers a choice to small business owners who want the freedom of a website they can update with robust features that meet current as well as future sales / marketing / information management needs in the future. If you are looking to update your website, check it out!


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