Sublime Layout with One Picture

Sublime Layout with One Picture


How to get the most out of using just a single picture (photo or art) on a page? The page can be a page in a magazine, a book, a folder /announcement or a web page.

Using just one photo or picture may be seen as a challenge. But the difference and impression between using no pictures and a single picture is much bigger than the difference between one picture and several pictures on a page, whatever printed material or an online webpage.

A sublime layout with pictures has nothing to do with the number of pictures but how they are used.

Be inspired for your desktop publishing and web page layout by the following ideas and tips.

* A full page picture on the left page

A full page picture on the left page in a magazine, folder or book is a simple and functional layout. If possible choose a picture that directs the attention towards the text at the right page and be careful to select a really appealing picture of good technical quality.

* A picture as a whole page background

A picture as a background on a printed page can look very attractive. The real challenge is to find a picture that fits with having text on parts of it. The part of the picture that is covered by text shouldn’t have any structure and the color mustn’t be aggressive. A thin blue sky will often be a good choice if it matches the message.

The effect will be improved if a few small white clouds hang around but do not let them interfere with the text. Do not compromise with these aspects of interference between structures in the picture and the text. If the text is partly on an uneven background many potential readers will avoid it or get a lower level of retention.

Background pictures on commercial websites have dropped dramatically due to this effect.

* One big picture on a page

The classic layout with a combination of text and a large picture on a page is a functional but quite boring layout. The surface of the page covered by the picture might be a half of the page on the top, or at the bottom or a vertical picture to one of the sides. Putting the picture in the centre of the page with the text waved around may look much more attractive.

* One small picture on the page

A small picture or especially a very small picture alone on a page should be treated with great care. Not to say that any picture wouldn’t help with the look and feel. But the point is that just one small picture may add a lot of attraction to a text page if used wisely. Because of its small size the picture should have

– a simple object and message.

– If it is in black and white it is even more important.

– a few and strong colors, mostly one color is fine.

Red and yellow can be fine as an ‘accent’ but may also be too aggressive. Clear blue or green may be excellent too.

* The interaction between the font and the picture

Be careful with the choice of font for the text, if you have any influence on that. Especially how the title looks like with the chosen font and how it interact with the picture is important.

* Where to get the pictures

You can find hundreds of thousands of professional stock photos including royalty-free photos at picture agencies like and that have a good reputation.

For small sized pictures the price is very modest in royalty-free photos.

If you have a very slim budget and you are not too ambitious with your products you will find cheap photos too, by searching for “stock photos” or fotos in Google. See also the following article.

* In conclusion for sublime layout with pictures

To include just one picture on a printed page or a web page will enhance the layout of the page considerably. You might even be able to produce a sublime layout with your desktop publishing. Your goal should be to hit the best interaction between the photo and the arrangement of the text.


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