Review of Market Leverage CPA Network

Review of Market Leverage CPA Network


Market Leverage is a newish CPA Network however they are also quickly establishing themselves as one of the best! I am hoping that this review will help you to understand why.

Firstly I think that it is very apt to point out that Market Leverage’s website is very professionally designed – both the front end and the back end. I find this very important about any CPA Network that I work with because if they don’t take the time to have a decent website put up then are they going to take the time to do all the other basics of running a business?

When you sign up you will probably have to undergo a simple phone interview! There is no point worrying about this, because all they are basically going to make sure is that a) you are who you say you are and b) your not looking to promote there offers through fraudulent means. Just be honest and everything will go through smoothly!

Market Leverage’s customer support is second to none – its absolutely fantastic! I am not just saying this either, my Affiliate Manager is available during the working day by all of the normal means (Phone, Email or AIM). They will usually answer within one business day if you email. What more could you ask for?

The offers available to you are very good too. They have a nice selection of Trial, Email/Zip submits, Retail and of course my favourite Exclusives. One of the best things about Market Leverage is that if you see the same offer paying more anywhere else then often Market Leverage’s team will up there’s for you to the same as the other CPA network!

Payment has never been an issue for me with Market Leverage, so I thought I would point this out as it is very important if you rely on a decent cash flow! They will pay via Cheque, Wire or Weekly Wire – you need to be hitting 1k a week for weekly wire though. Something else that is nice about these guys is that if you are consistent in your earnings they will send you gifts through with your payment! One last point about payments from Market Leverage is that they will send your payment by fed ex to ensure that you get it on time!

Like Neverblue ads, Hydra, Max bounty and all of the other top CPA networks, Market Leverage is definitely up there! This is because they take the time to work with you. They also don’t assume that everyone is a marketing expert so even if you are new to CPA Marketing then they are worth looking at.


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