PHP Development A Prominent Web Development Solution

PHP Development A Prominent Web Development Solution


PHP development, based on the open source scripting language PHP (Hypertext Processor) is the most widely used scripting language for the development of dynamic web pages and web-based applications, encompassing the desideratum of entire web development spectrum. Originated in 1995, almost over 15 years ago it serves as a core part of open source technologies and is used in various open source technologies such as joomla, drupal, magento, cakephp, phpBB and many more. Integrated with seamless benefits surpassing the developer’s requisites in the most prominent way, it has turned out to be a preferred choice by the developers and offshore software development companies around the world in crafting thriving solutions in web development.

PHP development has always been enriched with various benefits and advantages, which lets the developers and programmers to unroll their maximum potential in web development process. Some of the major advantages of that are encapsulated in PHP are as follows:

• PHP is an open source technology; as a result anyone could download it and use it. It requires no licenses or keys and is available at no cost, these combined makes it a cost-effective solution.

• PHP as an open source technology is constantly being updated thereby allowing the php programers to offer cutting-edge solutions in web development.

• It is a base of many open source technologies including joomla, drupal, magento, cakePHP, phpBB and several others. These all technologies have their own unique specialty in providing solutions in various web development requirements.

• It supports several technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL etc. Along with this it also supports languages such as C, C++, JAVA/ AJAX, and many others.

• PHP development is used by millions of users worldwide and also by many offshore software development companies.

• PHP development provides solutions in:

->   Web   design  and development

-> Ecommerce website

-> Online catalogs

-> Web-based application

-> Custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

-> Custom CMS (Content Management System)

-> Social media/ networking site

-> And several others, as per the requirement.


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