Importance of Website Maintenance

Importance of Website Maintenance


Website designing and development gives shape to the website, and to sustain and enhance that shape, website maintenance is required. It is not only sufficient to design a website, program it, and host it, but continued maintenance is crucial to keep the site updated, glitches free, and performing at it optimal level. However, one should not mistake maintenance with redesigning of the website. Website maintenance is more to do with on-going support to change content, images, or update information.

Additionally, the activities under site maintenance include fixing bugs; correcting broken links; wrongly spelled text; page titles; adding new web pages; checking whether all the programmed forms are working; and more. Without a dedicated site maintenance support, the website can malfunction regularly, and it is credibility can be affected. For example, transaction oriented websites such as ticket booking sites have to perform accurately all the time, and without the support of maintenance team this is not possible.

Most of the big companies have their own in-house web maintenance team. However, for small and medium businesses (SMBs), it is not possible to afford a separate team and it also may divert their attention from the core business. For these businesses, it is a good idea to outsource their website maintenance task to companies that specialize only in such services. Also, most of the web designing and development companies offer maintenance services too, and one can continue with them if the initial work has been satisfactory.

There are a number of companies that offer web maintenance service. However, one must evaluate these companies as incompetent maintenance can lead to multiple problems. A regular chain of communication should be opened when one sign-ups with a website maintenance service. It is not only enough that the hired team is monitoring and maintaining the website, but the website owner should also check if the work is being done properly or not.


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