How to Make Money at Home – Here’s 3 Ways

How to Make Money at Home – Here’s 3 Ways


If you’re trying to figure out how to make money at home from offline local businesses, then you can do internet marketing consultation and take your services online. What you need are your skills in marketing and a business model for offline consulting. Offline businesses usually manage their own websites, but unfortunately are not very familiar with internet marketing. So if you are an expert and familiar with   web   design  and web optimization, then they will surely be interested in your services. So what are things you must know when dealing with offline businesses? Here are some tips:

1. Most of the offline businesses do not have ideas about article marketing, so they are basically ill-equipped when it comes to creating good articles that will sell their products. If you can write good articles, you can offer your services to these businesses, and give them good product presentation. Basically being an online consultant, assisting offline business you will be able to earn around $25 for each article. If you’re able to make 10 articles in a month at $25 for each article then your monthly income will be $250 at home, and remember this is only for one local or offline business.

2. Press articles are somewhat different from article writing. They are more on the promotional side of things. Although businesses do not actually need too many press articles, they are also necessary because this what makes the products popular. However, press articles are more expensive to contract because they require too many details, attractive designs, comprehensive messages and more technical presentations. Offline consultants who are expert with press articles can charge up to $50-$200 for just one press article. So if you are a good online freelancer who is looking for ways to make money at home this is how to make yourself richer.

3. Use of simple but effective keywords is also one strategy that could help offline businesses cope up in the search engines. Ironically, most local and offline businesses are not familiar with the employment of active keywords for their products. With your knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can offer your services to these businesses, to make them active on the keyword search. If you are not familiar with keywords, search Google’s home page for a free tool. This will teach you how to find the right keywords that are most commonly searched on the internet. Remember that although offline businesses are not particularly strong on the search engines, the owners always want new ways to make people find them.

SEO companies and offline consultants can charge up to $1,000 for every keyword that are very much optimized and this is probably the best option to make money at home without doing the hard jobs. You surely would not want to waste time doing small online ventures that would take you nowhere. So start learning the basics of becoming an online consultant for offline businesses. How to do this is by learning from those who actually make money doing it.


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