How to Create a Good Website

How to Create a Good Website


To create a good website, you first must establish your aim and goals of the website. With that in mind, you next have to determine your target group of users and decide on the type of image you are trying to portray. For example, if your goal is just to provide information and facts, then the aesthetics do not matter as much, as long as it is neat and readable. However, if your goal is to distinguish yourself amongst your many competitors, say for the e-commerce aspect of web development, then extra attention will have to be paid to web design.

With the above established, you should next create a draft of the website design. Rather than spending hours editing HTML and formatting the page, get it down on paper first. This will give you a better visualization of the end product, and you also get to make changes along the way as you get more ideas. Once this is done, you should be raring to start on the actual web design.

One common area that is often overlooked is the use of different colours. You need to be aware of the way people are subconsciously affected by colours; so use colours that are appropriate for your purpose and target group. Also, make sure that your font is visible against the background of the webpage. Also, as you design one webpage at a time, note down the relationship between pages and do not leave the linking of pages to the end because you are bound to miss some out.

After settling the web design, do not publish it until you have tested it out. Make sure that there are no broken links or misaligned texts and borders. Get a friend who was not involved in the web development process to try it out to test its usability. Also, be sure to try it on different web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. What looks good on your browser does not necessarily appear the same way in another browser. Be sure to make adjustments to the web design from the suggestions and feedback you have gathered- a third party opinion is always helpful.

Creating a good website is more than the HTML editing for the web design. Instead, it involves a multiple stage process, from planning the drafting the web design, to the actual creation and finally publication of the website. Remember that a well planned and executed web design is what will give you a good website!


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