Graphic Design – Give Your Book the Best Look

Graphic Design – Give Your Book the Best Look


Differentiation. It’s about being original; breaking free from the competition; leading, not following. Do you want to forge a path away from the crowd, away from the noise, and closer to your customer?

How Will You Be Different?

Along with the perfectly picked and placed words that make up the timeless writings that emerge as a cherished book-something we keep by our bed, travel with far and wide or relax with as we curl up in front of a cozy fire-a good book layout is important to an author. Especially to self-published authors who don’t have the talented staff of a major publishing house offering design options.

The job of a graphic designer is to give your book visual life and interest that will add “character” (look and feel) and catch the eye of a passing patron and spark intrigue that will make them pick it up and open the first page, never wanting to set it down. There’s an art to giving your carefully chosen words a look and feel that helps them portray hope, emotion or intrigue.

Book Layout

A slight size change, font style or placement on the page can make all the difference in bringing a powerful personality to your fascinating book. Paragraphs need to be the right length so they don’t seem overbearing-not too long, not too short-but cleverly balanced and readable to everyone not just elite readers. I’ve seen some books so jumbled and disorganized it would make a man quiver at the mere thought of trying to read them.

There are many ways a graphic designer can help you increase your book sales. There is of course advertising in the form of a flyer, poster, or a magazine ad. You could put together a media package or marketing kit for your book, which may include a CD, an ad, a book marker, a coupon for your next book and so on. You may need invitations to your book signing sure to be in your near future. You might market yourself using only your name, but a personal logo to brand your product is much more effective and professional looking. You may need business cards and letterhead designed to enhance your branding image. Are you sending out a newsletter to your database? Let a designer create your newsletter and send it to your customers “spam-free” through a permission-based email program. Why not convert your printed book into an e-book you can sell on your website? What? You don’t have a Web site? Every writer needs a website and I know of someone who can custom build one that best serves your needs. Jessica Dockter is the Graphic Designer who works in collaboration with the writers on Write On! Creative Writing Services to offer our clients a full range of services.


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