Death or SEO?

Death or SEO?


Adapt or die. Like in life, in business in order to survive you must adapt and modify. In these times things change at such a rapid pace it seems tomorrows technology is here before we’ve had a chance to learn today’s technology. What used to be a simple chain of supply and demand has instead become an information war. Whoever can learn the most the quickest and apply it wins. On the internet there are many ways you can advertise your business. Only one is sustainable however and this is called Search Engine Optimization. This means that you make a website as relevant to your industry as possible in the hopes that when someone searches for your product or service they can find it and more specifically find you with ease.

There are several reasons why an internet business needs to optimize their website to appear highly in any major search engine. First and foremost, you need traffic to your website, without traffic nobody will buy your product. So then how does one attain traffic to a website? Well you must market your website so that you can reach your target customers. There are several ways to do this. You can pay for advertising on major websites or search engines. You can send out mass e-mails. Or you can be one of the first results a user sees on any given keyword in a search engine. If you use mass e-mails this is usually a turn off as it is seen as an unwanted solicitation a.k.a. spam. If you pay for ads this can be effective but has much larger opportunities for malicious manipulation and also is statistically less effective than traditional search results.

Search engine optimization then stands alone as the most effective and trustworthy form of internet marketing. Search engine companies have highly intelligent think tanks that create algorithms or a set of well defined instructions. These algorithms determine how web sites are categorized and which ones come up in the top of any search result.

These often are changed or modified so there is no foolproof way to ensure that your website is going to be the first website to appear in a search engine. However, as any experienced SEO expert will tell you there are many methods that can positively influence your rankings.

In the world of search engines content is king, because search engines give you the most relevant website according to your search. If you truly want to be successful with your internet business, you must invest into search engine optimization. Making your website theme oriented and not overly stuffed with keywords is important. When considering SEO for your website, there are a few myths to dispel. Most important of all is that SEO is not a magic bean that will boost your business to the top of the internet and there are NO guarantees. In addition like any investment true SEO takes time. Don’t expect to throw a few thousand dollars haphazardly into SEO and expect your site to be a runaway success. Creating quality isn’t easy. Also there are fluctuations; at first you may be ranked at #1 and then suddenly drop or you may also start off of the radar and eventually work your way up to #1. Developing a content rich website with value and relevancy is the way to achieve high rankings.

As you begin to consider all these complications and minute details take time to consider your business and your goals. If you’re willing to invest in yourself and your future, then purchasing SEO services is an absolute must. When you’re ready to pursue SEO services look for those with a proven track record and fair prices. Be wary of an extravagantly designed website with no references or SEO case studies. Also mind the pricing, if it is exceptionally low, you’re probably going to get what you pay for and that’s poor service. In the same regard if it is exceptionally high, that companies’ services are likely overpriced and results may not yield better than other companies. For example if you’re searching for Utah search engine optimization you will find many companies however some on the top 10 aren’t the best companies to use. With some tact, careful planning and common sense you can find the right SEO firm for you.


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