5 Things to Consider When Looking For Your Next Web Design Agency

5 Things to Consider When Looking For Your Next Web Design Agency


Any quick Google search for finding the ideal  web   design  company will tell you that it’s more than just about the price. You get what you pay for, after all. So then, how is a business owner supposed to find and choose the right  web   design /development studio for their company? Here are 5 things that should absolutely be considered.


It should go without saying, but there are people who will skip over or forget to look at portfolio. Why that happens could be for any number of reasons, but often it’s because they are basing their research and decision solely on recommendations or price. While recommendations are great, they’re not always going to work out. Basing an important business decision like who will help you market your company online is no time to get cheap. That all said, a portfolio that you can view (ideally without asking) is critical. If the  web   design  studio you’re thinking of hiring doesn’t work in a particular style you’re looking for, chances are, you’re not going to be satisfied. Additionally, a good portfolio will present more than just a screenshot or two of any  web   design  project. A general idea or summary on the goal of the project was is far better than just cool screenshots. That summary will give you insight on how the  web   design  agency tackled a particular problem which speaks to their strategic thinking ability.


While testimonials are kind of like resumes – no one is going to plaster bad testimonials on their site – they can still be a good indicator to look at. Testimonials can provide a general idea of what it’s like to work with a  web   design  agency. Unfortunately, not every design studio has testimonials visible on their website (for myriad reasons). However, it’s very likely that they have testimonials or references available, so asking is always a good idea. If testimonials or references aren’t available, you may want to ask why and just maybe, go with a different company altogether.

Company Blog

Not every  web   design  company will have a blog. That’s really not a big deal in and of itself. However, if a company you’re considering talking to does have a blog, read through some of their recent blog posts. The blog may give you some indication on how the company works, what they think about and more. Additionally, their writing style could potentially be an indicator of how well they communicate. Either way, reading a few their articles will tell you something and help you get to know them a bit before meeting with or hiring them.

Social Media

Most  web   design  studios have accounts with various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and more. If the company you’re looking at does have any of these, definitely take a look. At the very least, looking at their social media accounts will give some insight as to not just what they post about, but how they interact with clients and colleagues. And of course, what they post or share could be very interesting, and not always in a good way.


Lastly, and possibly most important, is a  web   design  company’s process – how the project will be managed and run from start to finish. Any design studio worth its weight in gold will have this down to a science. For the business owner, that means they have a formula for successful projects and will likely be organized and ready to collaborate with you.


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