Writing Adds Life to Stories, Romance or Entertaining Content – Enjoy All That Writing Entails

Writing Adds Life to Stories, Romance or Entertaining Content – Enjoy All That Writing Entails


***There are so many things to share with writers’ that I have learned, on my own, that is very helpful in the writing process. Making writing more fluid and free-flowing and discovering what works best for you is your biggest asset throughout the writing process. You can achieve this by having a conversation with your reading audience and expecting and engaging possible questions and even creating unexpected plot twists is always a welcome way to gain and keep audience attention.

Writers’ don’t be derelict in doing your research when writing an informational article, column, essay, novel or anything that has your valuable signature at the end. You can’t pretend that what you write does not belong to you. Writing is done by people who are probably great at speaking, teaching, or at least at gaining an audience by what they choose to communicate to the world.

If you are passionate enough to defend your stance on stories, romance or entertaining content, then by all means enjoy all that writing entails… Dive into the archives like eating a piece of raw fruit, so tasty that you wish to savor it till the end.

Dive into the details and click, flip or jump in your car and visit the site where your novel relies on you to provide amazing, stimulating hyperbole, for great insight into your location, spare no details. If you fail to visit your story setting, at least seek and find all of the details, unpack your adjectives and get into the heart by unleashing what can only be experienced by someone who has been present at the site of your plot or story.

Contact people who know the area, interview locals. Arrange to meet and speak to people who know your subjects details even more than you do. Interview as many people or events that you can witness by your own senses. Learn their creative process and learn about your own style of formulating honest assessments more than you can do any guesswork.

Be aware of popular, unusual or in/appropriate vernacular that’ll help keep the story savory, unique and also can reach the audience that you are seeking. Sometimes the writer is unaware that there are some generations that prefer soft, subtle implications versus overt details, or brash wording to depict something that is timeless or human. Also, tasteful humor is always welcome versus dry, stiff plots or character references.

Always try to end your writing on a high note, ask a question or make a welcoming statement at the end.

Don’t be too quick to toss out your rough draft, with time and date stamp, keep proof of ownership for all that you write, create, design or invent. You never know when you’ll find it helpful, lawful, beneficial or keep it simply to witness the evolution of your writing style.

If you have any further questions about my writing process, please feel free to ask away and I will convey or detail my response as clearly as possible. Feel free to leave your opinion, suggestion or difference between your writing style, motivation,or suggest more things for me to write about regarding the writing process!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!


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