Why Marketers Use Xsitepro

Why Marketers Use Xsitepro


Internet marketing pros are flocking in droves to the Xsitepro software. One only has to peruse the forums on their site to see that those who have made the switch from other site development/management software are raving about the capabilities and power of this exciting web site building tool.

Xsitepro is an all inclusive website design package loaded with features which make a real difference the success and failure of a profit producing websites. Here are some of the key features that internet marketers are so excited about:

Ease Of Use – The developers actually listened to feedback and not only improved features but made a product that was easy to use, even easier and more effective. It’s so easy to use that even non-professionals will be able to compete with the seasoned pros.

Functionality And Features – They make this software second to none. There are built in analyzers that make suggestions to optimize your search engine rankings. There are features that will allow you to improve the navigation of your site which means visitors are more likely to stay at your site if its easy to use.

Many of the more tedious tasks of website maintenance have been simplified and are amazingly time-saving! Features such as automatic site map updates and a huge range of scripts have been added.

With all the built in widgets it’s easy to create feature rich websites in no time. Google AdSense is fully integrated in Xsitepro for ease of use. With relevant ads on your pages you can start earning on autopilot.

Affiliate Marketing Friendly – All of your affiliate information (links, passwords, etc.) can be stored and can be inserted with a simple right click.

Paypal Integration – Selling products from your site is a breeze with the simple to install “Buy Now” button wizard.

Google XML Sitemap Submission – Xsitepro enables you to create and submit Google site maps which are essential to your site ranking well, and the newer update makes it even easier to use.

The powerful features,tools and ease of use make the benefits of using Xsitepro beyond compare. The developers of Xsitepro fully understand the needs of Internet marketers. Be prepared to take your projects to new heights whether you are a seasoned professional or the new kid on the block!


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