Why Every Call is Like Dialing For Dollars

Why Every Call is Like Dialing For Dollars


What would happen if you could only use your phone to generate business? Seriously: if there was a way to have an intelligent phone that knew when you were making business vs. personal calls? Where would you stack up on valuable phone time?

Now is the time to makeover how you use your phone and focus on one thing and one thing one: generating income and decreasing expenses.

Every call you make should do one or more of the following:

  • Gather information on someone who can be a potential client/customer. During the course of conversation, identify what someone says that may be a potential match for what you offer. Work it into the conversation by acknowledging that you know how the person feels because you deal with “x” all the time with your clients.
  • Mention your business and/or what you do at least once during the conversation. Even an idle comment such as “this weather is ruining my business” is going to prompt the other person to ask what you do. This also gives you the chance to see what this person does and, again, see if there’s a match for products/services.
  • Obtain information that can lead to other opportunities and/or cut your business costs. If you’re speaking to a vendor, chat it up and find out who their competition is. This competition might be willing to give you a better price and help keep your costs down.
  • Ask for help. Believe it or not, people cannot generally refuse a request for help. Know who you’re speaking to and position your question so that it fits. For example, if you need a web designer, ask someone you’re speaking with if they know someone. This gives you the chance to elaborate a bit more and explaining what you’re doing that requires web services.

It’s far easier to ask and share information over the phone as there is no face-to-face rejection possibility. So, make sure you use your phone wisely now and that the dialing is bringing you dollars!


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