Why And How Of A Good Web Design

Why And How Of A Good Web Design


It’s only the effective Communication that has the ability to transpire through the lexicon of events around the world. Now since the world has shrunk through a click button option of a mouse, the problems of plenty in a competition to showcase yourself has effaced up.

At one side we have complex things, that boasts itself to do multiples of things. And on the other side we have effective simpler things, to do all the things we need and none of the things we don’t.

So it’s important which one of it you would choose, so as to communicate effectively to the worldwide web based audiences. It’s not just about the medium either, another important aspect to be covered is, ‘What do you want to communicate’ .

Some of the medium for communication can be categorized as, websites, Ebooks, Ezines, Email discussion list and etc.

The most popular among them are the Websites, which can be static or dynamic, based on the tools used.

An effective web design encompassing all the basic simple requirements of your target audience is the answer . It won’t just serve you as the medium, it would fit in the contents and information you want to convey as well.

There are numerous fast, efficient, interacting application tools in today’s’ web world, such as flash, Javascript, Ajax etc, which can make your website a good interacting medium with your audience. But providing the latest tools, doesn’t automatically mean users can use those tools to achieve their objectives. What more important besides just providing tools are the user friendliness of the websites as well as their satisfactory details.

So some of the key aspects for a Communicative Website and its design are :

1) User familiarity and satisfactory details

Websites should be designed for satisfactory details, so that it can assist the users to further refine the choices they just made. Familiarity of the language used in the contents, to the targeted audience is another important aspect. One should take care that the contents has lesser of jargon or technical terms, when the target audience are common people using the net. But, one the other hand if your target audience are some technical field experts, Jargon and Technical abbreviations can help you get the intended audience. So a Web design layout should take care of these essentials as well.

2) User friendly, easy recognition with appropriate feedback

Providing users with advanced interaction features such as drag-and-drop, click-and-pull scrolling, or multiple selections, can enhance the users experience. But,if the users are not presented with any visual clues about their existences, they will hardly ever come to know it, unless they are very experimental by nature.

The websites which have provision of visual clues, such as the pop up messages or the animated demonstration, makes the website more lively. These kind of features can be incorporated using advanced manipulated techniques.

With features such as visual feedback, a user can recognize how they work and what they have done. These ensures that the user has just done something, or else it very unlikely that most of the users will discover it themselves.

3) Customization based on users need

If you’re a florist and its flowers that you want to sell, update your website with pictures of different beautiful flowers. Visual appeal sometimes, sells more than its textual counterpart.

So proper understanding of your target audience becomes a key factor. Your, audience will be interested in your flowers, but not in its scientific names and other descriptions. So communicate with your audience and customize your website accordingly.

4) Flexibility of the website

If you want to communicate with your audience, provide him the flexibility of choosing options. That is one of the prime requirement of an effective website. Designs need to be flexible. It’s observed that users rarely hit the back button unless they have a reason to go to a previous point. A good website would have the solution for that too, by giving users control mechanisms on the current screen itself, just ensuring that what you intend communicate is still there at its place.

5) Simplicity:

A design should be simple enough to cover the key areas of the users. This would provide minimalist approach for the users without overwhelming the interactions.

There are numbers of users, who want it short and fast. In this case, dragging and dropping features might make them think about the time, energy and certain amount of coordination they would have to put into. Which would further dissuade them, making your communication abrupt.

So provide them with simplified features, with good quality contents, or else you would find it hard to get back the same user again.

A website, with proper structured design and good contents, is all what it takes to get your own space of recognition in the world of Internet.


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