What Type of Holiday Should I Go on?

What Type of Holiday Should I Go on?


Not sure what type of holiday to go on next year? Here are five popular breaks that you could try.

1. Adventure – The word adventure conjures up images of Indiana Jones and while most holidays don’t exactly involve chasing down the Ark of the Covenant, there are many holiday destinations that do provide plenty of excitement for most of us.

2. Partying – If you’re a party animal, shifting base from the UK to an overseas destination is something you’ll want to schedule into your annual calendar. Whether you want to tie it in with some beach fun in somewhere like Majorca or experience partying in a different culture in Holland, there is fun waiting to be had.

3. Historical and Cultural – While it’s possible to find these two as separate kinds of holidays, they do go hand in hand. From the beautiful architecture and fascinating history of Poland to the majestic Czech Republic city of Prague, there are different cultures and histories just waiting to be explored.

4. City breaks – The world is made up of some amazing cities and short breaks to sight-see and explore are only a plane ride away. From the New York to Amsterdam, they each off something different. Rich in culture, architecture, museums, theatres and landscapes, prepare yourself for a photo album full of memories.

5. Relaxing – Lastly, perhaps the most popular kind of holiday is one that involves relaxation. Whether it comes sitting by a pool reading a book or catching some rays on the beach, getting away from the stresses of everyday life is something we all deserve from time to time. The likes of Menorca and Majorca could be exactly what you’re looking for.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for a holiday of any kind, it’s time to look for deals. Why not look into flights to Menorca or flights to Holland and start planning your trip?


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