What Are Conventional Web Design Techniques?

What Are Conventional Web Design Techniques?


As time passes and technology evolves the Web Design Techniques are also changing. The process of designing a website in the browser is called In Browser Design. One should have the knowledge about analyzing the in browser design as well as know its advantages.

In the world of technical development one should realize that the latest technology becomes common in the future and at times even obsolete. It is the utility factor and perception of the user that plays a major role in the ageing of any technology.

Traditional approach to website involves first the creation of the design mockup, the second stage is about getting an approval from the client and last stage is starting the coding. This includes the use of application tools such as Photoshop. With reference to this implication, the in-browser designing process is a bit against the traditional approach.

For the website maker of the 1990s the internet was in its infancy and Netscape was very prominent. Most of these experts used to prefer working in Notepad to Photoshop and the browser that usually used to be Netscape 3.0. For the graphics they used to resort to Paint Shop Pro.

This would sound very primitive and out dated. Then, what is the use of their mention and knowledge?

The expert of the 1990s usually used HTML because CSS had not become popular and the Java Script was not used very extensively. On the other hand the browser was the main platform for the creator because this was what they had got used to.

The transition to using the Photoshop for website presentation has been steady. This change has been contributed by the reading of the blogs on website and the interaction with other people in professional field. Slowly the intricacies about the utility of the Photoshop started becoming known through different tutorials. Most of the professional have experienced that once they know the basics of a tool it becomes very easy to develop expertise at it and use it maximum for web site design. None the less there are creators who still take the support of the in-browser techniques.

The decision of opting for in-browser web designing or Photoshop web designing should be based on thorough study including the pros and the cons. The website should be accessible by the visitors of the internet. So the choice should depend on the designer’s thoughtful and critical approach.

Which web design technique is good?

Nowadays there are other tools available in the market. It does not matter which web design technique is good or which one is bad. Choose the one that you are comfortable and which serves your purpose.

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