Websites – The Future of Web Journalism

Websites – The Future of Web Journalism


The fast growth of the internet has created the newest medium for journalism which is known as Web Journalism. The speed at which news can be spread on the websites and profound penetration to anyone with a computer and web browser have greatly increased the quantity and variety of news reports available to all the web users. The web revolution started soon thereafter, with newspapers launching their Internet editions and started providing free source of news and other information on the web.

The bulk of web journalism has been the extension of an existing broadcast media and print media into the news website. News reports that were set to be released at expected time are now can be published as soon as they are written and edited.

The key essence of web journalism is website designing as websites need to be attractive and informative to attract the viewers. We not only read news on the news websites but also there are many things which we can see like weather forecast, astrology, we can also see live videos, images etc. So,all this is managed by a Website Designer.

Websites run by newspapers are basically extensions of their papers itself. As such they can provide a wide range of articles and reports in a variety of areas – news, sports, business, the arts, etc. – written by their professional reporters. Web journalism encompasses a whole range of things, from the websites run by newspapers to citizen journalism and non-profit news sites and even blogs. Most of the news websites are free for all the viewers but some offers current news for free but archived reports and access to opinion columnists and other non-news sections for a periodic fee.

With increased use of computers and internet, web journalism has grown by leaps and bounds. Those who don’t have the facility of television, radio or newspapers keep themselves updated by the means of e-journals. With increase of mobile usage which also provides internet connectivity facility through GPRS, the role of web journalism has increased in our life and has become more significant.


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