Web Design, Where Do I Start?

Web Design, Where Do I Start?


What is Web Design?

The first thing you should understand is that the web design, next to other activities as may be projective graphic design, computer or other activities as may be the schedule, today is a specific area of development: this means that there and sufficient basic knowledge of the environment to consider this project activity as a self-employed. For practical purposes, means that although the discipline share similarities with different areas of expertise (web design, computer and audiovisual production.) Today who wants to engage in web design, I speak from the viewpoint of a person who competes in a labor market or who aspires to become part of a development team of a specific company in this sector, you must learn a set of specific knowledge about the environment ranging from psychology oriented interaction to programming languages specific to the Web, not to mention all the elements of communication, information design and graphic design that may be involved in various projects.

Typically for the efficient development of a good web project, there should be at least two people involved in a team, a web-oriented programmer (responsible for developing the mechanics of the web, internal operating level), and the other should be a website designer oriented web (in charge of designing the user interface and graphic communication strategies of the project).

Therefore a person with knowledge of graphic design would be able to access a part, and this is important to understand well, professional web development as a whole.

The web designer and digital designer

The web designer handles traditional concepts of graphic communication [Composition, iconography, typography, photography, graphic concept, etc] to which are added specific knowledge of print [print-specific software, digital files, file compression, appropriate communication with printers, formats, media types, conceptual relationship of communication to its support, etc]. The web oriented graphic designer [or interactive graphic designer] is a professional profile that regardless of the specific communication skills that usually handle a traditional graphic designer, should handle specific knowledge of the new medium [graphic interface, information design, usability, layout for the digital media, programming languages for the interface design, etc.] affecting equally to the conceptual levels of communication because the medium itself affects and defines how that information should be designed.

So and that’s all I want to make on these lines, is that although a traditional graphic designer, have a favorable basis for understanding and interpreting the figure of interactive graphic designer, not simply transcribe his methods work, their models communication, the web, however you must understand not only found in a new medium (or paradigm ), but should be open to learn all the specific knowledge, especially related to cognitive psychology and programming (translating your proposal to the machine), that will be needed to master the new medium in which it conducts its work.


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