Web Design – Template Or Custom?

Web Design – Template Or Custom?


There was a time when you used to meet people in business you would ask them “Do you have a website?” Those days are long gone. Now you ask “What is your web site?”

Just about everyone has a website nowadays, not just people in business. The world has certainly caught on to the World Wide Web phenomenon. We have personal websites for ourselves, our families, our kids. We create sites to sell a car, or sell a home… In a nutshell it is hard to find someone that doesn’t have a website.

Do you know what is hard to find? It is hard to find, someone that really loves their site. Unfortunately it is just not socially acceptable to not have a site many times a company or individual will rush into getting one without treating it as a major purchase, or a major decision. Let me tell you bad idea… Very Bad.


Why don’t we put on our “Imagination caps for a bit.” We are going to pretend that the internet is A Mall we’ll call it WWW Mall. Now let’s say that you go to into a store. This particular store sells shoes. So, you go in walk around, they have some nice shoes, but something about the place is just not inviting, you don’t quite feel welcomed. The décor is minimal; it is plain, not much color, or music. It is simply boring, so you leave. You go into another store, this store sells skateboards. How weird it is the exact same thing? But they sell Skate boards! Isn’t that interesting?

In the World of the Web that is what we call a template people. What is a template? It is a Quick, easy, and yes probably cheap way for a personal site, or a small business that maybe aren’t interested in really being on the web but just want to be part of the crowd.

Now let’s go back to the mall…. you go into another store, and it is breathe taking, just amazing you walk in and it is like your eight years old at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yes, it is that good. Sophisticated, and sheik, exquisite detail, and they sell stuff… what it is you may not even care! You want to be there, to stay there. To look around and explore… You will probably buy something because you are happy here, you are impressed. That store is a custom built web site, a site with a real WOW factor…

So what store do you want to have? The same store as everyone else, Or the WOW store?

Let me tell you, you want the WOW store! You want prospective clients to be happy when they come on your site; you want them to be impressed. You want them to ultimately be a customer…

So the lesson here is: It is imperative that you have a site that will WOW your prospective clients.

If you have a professional business, or a small business that you want to grow take the time to find and hire a professional web design firm. Now you may have a cousin, or a friend of a friend, or a family member that can do it… but always remember you get what you pay for.


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