Web Design Concepts: CMS and HTML

Web Design Concepts: CMS and HTML


 Web   design  covers many aspects of one’s online presence in the internet – whether you are a small company trying to start your business, or a large company that is trying to communicate with your current or prospective clients. If you are operating a business, it is required that you have a website so that people will be able to learn more about the products and services that you are offering. Naturally, you cannot just have a website without contracting the services of a web programming company.

Your website’s design, accessibility and ease of use are important. It is not advisable to just publish a website without making sure that your customers will find it easy to use. Web programming companies will ensure that your website will look attractive to your visitors and that it is easy to use without having to spend a lot of time figuring out where they can find information about what they are looking for. At one glance, they should be able to understand how to fully navigate around your website.

If you already have thought of ideas on what you want to put in your website, your designer should be able to interpret it into a good layout and design concept. It could be fairly simple if you only want to advertise your business’s contact information – like office address, telephone and fax number, e-mail address and so on. There are also requirements from companies wherein they want a lot of interaction with their brand and products, so it becomes a more complicated  web   design .

For simple websites that only require a few pages of information for their clients, a designer can use HTML for the  web   design  framework. For a more complicated site, a designer will most likely use CMS (content management system) in creating your site. Sites powered by CMS can allow your website manager to easily alter the contents of your site without complications. This is also great as it is very easy to manage so you do not need to hire a webmaster that will concentrate on your website updates as changes can be easily done to the site without a professional help.

CMS can be easily altered through the use of text editors and other word processing programs. Even if you do not have professional training in designing a website, you will be able to add more sections to the site without having to hire a web programmer to do it for you. Before jumping into a CMS  web   design , you should really determine whether you will need this or not as this can be quite costly and you will not be able to use all of the features in this system if you only need a simple website.

If you are involved in the  web   design , carefully assess your client’s needs for his or her website. If it only requires a simple layout and little content, you should go for HTML. Only use CMS when you will have to deal with lots of requirements and content that your client will want for their website. This will also easier to maintain in the long run.


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