Web Design Advice

Web Design Advice


Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

So, if you are thinking of having a website, and you have some basic  web   design  skills please read on, I would suggest you do some keyword research and html techniques using DIV and CSS.

Try to find some keywords that get the most hits, if you look though Google AdWords they have a great tool that can be used. You basically enter your keywords then Google suggests other words showing you the search rate and competition.

Once you have your keywords, keep them handy, then when you come to creating your images, use some of your keywords as the image name (don’t spam keywords, make sure it makes sense), try to describe the image in one or two words, don’t just call it “topImage.jpg” for example. Also, you must have an ALT tag on all images, again describe the image (for example alt=” web   design  sample 1″ src=”images/webdesignsample1.jpg”.

When you come to writing up your content, keep your keywords close to hand, type content that would include the keywords when you can, again DON’T SPAM… spamming keywords will move you down the results. sometimes make your keywords bold, I’m working on  Web   Design  at the moment and you probably will see I have added this phrase in the article a few time, different variations help to, for example, “we design sites for the web”

With your html techniques, make sure you read up on DIV tags and CSS style sheets, don’t put styles in your page or tables, as these make your source messy moves your important content further down the page, try to keep the important text at the top. Using DIVs and CSS keeps your styles in separate page, so when Googles reads your source, the content is clear.

I hope this is helpful, my next article will be on getting backward links, as once your website is live, the next step is to move up the search engine results, and backward links is one method.

Please keep an eye open for more articles from me, I will be writing up on many techniques to help your  web   design  and search engine work.


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