Web Design – 5 Facts About Designing a Web Site

Web Design – 5 Facts About Designing a Web Site


Designing a web site does not involve finding the harmonious combination of colors, shapes, photos and background music. It is the professional way of presenting the concept of a website on the Internet. There is always a reason behind each website. The appearance of the website gives a good or bad impression about the site from the first visit. If we do not consider this, we will lose a prospective client. Besides, user friendliness of the site in using, searching, and accessing the site will encourage the customer to visit and use it.

To design a web site, there are two kinds of templates for a website; HTML or Flash. Both types are good. But there is one issue with flash template; it is difficult to open as it takes a long time to load, if some users have a low Internet connection.

How to design your web site? Here are some facts:

1. Your Site’s Topic: This will be relevant to the domain name and also to the web site’s whole design. As I said before not only harmony of shapes and colors.

2. Templates: Generating your web site by using templates which are easy, fast and affordable. It is good for beginners who want to create their web site themselves because they do not use any programming languages for designing the sites. Some of these templates have common features such as a “copy and paste” method, and quickly you will have a website with all the features of a professional website, also another feature is automatic configuration which links your database to your website. Also, I would like to mention free templates. It is useful when you want to have a web site with very limited budget.

3. Time frame in loading your site: If your website will take a long time to load, such as more than few seconds, your potential client will leave the site forever.

4. Generate your web site from scratch: some web developers would like to generate web page templates on their own. The web developer will start from the layout (coding using HTML or Flash), then the next step is the graphic work. Usually, they use Photoshop for the graphics work.

5. Using a web designer: it is the easiest way and the most professional way, but costly. From the Internet you can find this service with different prices. Honestly, it depends on your needs, budget and search to find suitable web designer.

One of the tips in designing a website; would be good to begin with suggesting a selection of domain names that perfectly describe the nature of the business entity. As a business owner, there is a need to often change the offers that you have on your website, as well as content, products and prices that you need to modify.

To conclude, focus on your web site’s main topic and either design your site by yourself or find a professional web designer to create your page.


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