Use an HTML Codes List – Reason Why HTML Should Not Scare You

Use an HTML Codes List – Reason Why HTML Should Not Scare You


Most people can go through their entire life and not ever hear the term HTML or realize the role it plays in all the websites they access. When you are learning to make websites though, an HTML codes list will become one of you best tools. It takes the fear of having to learn geek stuff away, because most of the time, you don’t need to use it very much.

One reason it should not scare you is that a large part of HTML is understanding that it is the same thing as highlighting and hitting an icon to change your text. For example, if you want to bold something, instead of highlighting it and hitting the bold button, you just put in a “b start code” before what you want to bold and a “stop code/b” after. It takes the same amount of time to do as the highlighting..

Another reason it should not scare you is that you can learn it one things at a time. Once you get how to put bold, underline and italics in, then with your handy dandy HTML codes list by your side, you can learn how to put the codes in for a numbered or bullet list. This one takes a little practice, but once you get it, you will be able to use it in the future.

One early and important code to learn is how to put your link codes in, this is a longer code that begins with “a href=” and has specific sequence of symbols and words and spacing that must go in certain order. If anything scares you away this will, but it should not. You just put it on your HTML codes list and follow it exactly. You might need a couple versions as different places use different codes.

The last reason not to be afraid of HTML is that you will be learning as part of your training. While you learn the theory behind what you are doing, you learn the codes to use, when needed. Going to one of those How to Learn HTML websites, might overwhelm you, learning one thing as a time as you need to use it, makes it less of a hurdle. If you are learning to build a website, you will learn the HTML coding for web page use. If you are learning how to use the website as a work at home business, then the tools and HTML you need to learn will be part of the training.

Usually, if you take the time to break up a scary or complicated topic into manageable pieces, you will be able strip the fear away. The thing with this is just making an HTML codes list of your own, as you learn it, will be a big help.


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