Top Mentoring Expert "Passport To Wealth" Explains The Art Of Web Design

Top Mentoring Expert "Passport To Wealth" Explains The Art Of Web Design


The Internet is full of snazzy, beautiful, and professional websites. Modern technology is allowing people to view website design in a whole new way. Its allowing visitors to have a virtual reality of your product service while maintaining professionalism. The Internet is still full of websites with so much text explaining what they have to offer. Who wants to read 20 pages of information to figure out what you have to offer? Not many people including, myself. With technology, automated systems, and software programs, evolving they offer some tools you do not need to lose a customer or potential client with to much information. According to website designers there is new software, and technology available to assist in creating website pages that will keep a customers attention. Not only will they keep your visitors attention, but visitors are enjoying the new interactive features, that keeps them on your website longer. The longer a visitor remains it gives you an opportunity to explain your product or service.

I have seen great website creations, but I have also seen some pretty terrible ones. Your business does not start by having your own website. It starts by having a website that is created the proper way. If you are starting your own business you need to have a website. It is not an option in today’s market place but a necessity. The biggest mistake people make is attempting to build a website for themselves even with no experience. Building your own site will give you a Free capture page and free website, but this will end up costing you more money, if your website is not created properly, it is not going to bring in the results you desire. There is a lot of competition out there, it is a Internet world. You want to make sure that you can compete with your competitors. There is some great website builders out there that will work with you, proper website development. Before you choose a web designer know what you want to accomplish so that you can be clear about your goals. Doing homework before you page is set up is critical in making sure you will be satisfied with the final product.

If you want to do your own website, then it is even more important to understand the psychology behind your business. The time you should spend on doing research is as important as the time you will spend on setting up your page. Years ago you had to know how to use HTML and code it all out on a notepad and then FTP it to your hosting account. Web designers still practice this creation method, but with some of the softwares to assist us in creating websites it does not have to be that difficult anymore. There is some places on the Internet that offer free capture page design and free website design. Of course with the resources free to use then you are limited to what you can accomplish. Using HTML coding is not as important as it was years ago, but in order to do hyper linking properly and setting up for search engine optimization HTML should be understood or your website may not go any further.

Regardless if you are paying to have a website, capture page, or flash movie,created or if you are attempting to create it yourself do not make the mistake of creating it and then doing research as you go. This is one of the most fatal errors of setting up a website. Do your research prior to designing your website. You want to be concise about what you want to accomplish on your page.

1.) What is your product or service that you are offering and why would a customer choose your company? – Nobody starts a business without believing in their product or service. The only person who has that belief at this point is yourself. You want your website to explain why they should choose you over your competitor. You want to look at your competitors to see how they are building their business. What are they offering and can you compete with that. Keep in mind that if you are just starting a business you may not have the capabilities to compete head to head because you still have to get your profit margin up. Be inventive to draw visitors to your site to see your belief in your business. For an example if you were starting a mentoring service you should already have some back ground in mentoring before you open your own business. Even if the mentoring does not pertain to your current business go back and use past experiences to enhance your current business. If you are starting a new product line then you may not have the same story to tell, but you should still have your passion for that product be inventive and let your potential clients see your excitement

2.) Get to know your target audience – Every business has a target audience. Look at your product or service and come up with the most likely person to buy your product. Why would they purchase from you? When getting your target audience don’t list it as a broad audience narrow your search down to exact pin points. For an example if you were selling office supplies you will have a wide customer base but your largest target audience will be offices and corporations. But break it down further then that. Do you think large corporations will contract with you? If yes why? If no how can in the projected future can you get this audience to your website? Will small business buy from you? If yes why what do you have to offer them? Take your research as deep as it will take you. Know your customers before they even buy from you.

3.) Do you want to have a newsletter introduced with website – Decide if you want to have a website that can continue corresponding with your prospect even after they leave your site. When someone enters their information in a form they will continue to get weekly or monthly newsletters where you can offer promotions, advice, or coupons inviting them to revisit your site. A client may not buy from you on the first visit. But if they are prompted to revisit they are likely to purchase from you on subsequent visits.

4.) Do you want to do Search Engine Optimization with website – This is a topic that couldn’t be covered in a week of mentoring classes. If you don’t know what Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is it is a Free method of getting your website or capture pages up on the top of search engines with out paying anything. It is much more beneficial to you and your web designer to decide before the creation if this is something you want to capitalize on. If this is important to you, then find a website designer that handles both aspects. They will create your page and do SEO for you or teach you how to do it.

5.) What is the newest Technology I want on my website – At the beginning I told you the average person hates reading. But we love to interact, there are some software and resources that can assist you in having a website that has a virtual sales assistant on your webpage for you. Voice audio can be a neat way to offer your product or service. Even better when it is your voice, people know you before you have personally talked. Web Cam Videos, doing a web cam video of yourself or a sales representative talking about the advantages of partnering with your service really grabs visitors attention. Customers don’t feel threatened by having a sales presentation completed this way, they can take in the information without feeling like we are shoving our opportunity or product down their throat. Using some of these tools suggest giving you an automated system where your website is working directly for you eliminating some of the time invested into sales

The world wide web has given us a mass resource to market with. Having a web page available is important. Having one that is done the right way needs to be implemented to build longevity. If you are going to build your own site it will cut cost allowing you to create free capture pages, and free websites. Have patience and have your decisions made about what you want to accomplish. Before one picture, text written, or slogo used you must know what you want to accomplish with your  web   design ..

If you are having a web designer create it, make sure you interview them. I believe it is important for you as the client, to have a big part in the development of your website. You know what you want with your website development and make sure they can accommodate that for you. Don’t compromise your goals, make your ending result a professional website that visitors will enjoy.


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