Target Audience For Website Design

Target Audience For Website Design


Over the last decade with the boom in the web industry more and more business concerns are at loggerheads with one another to make their presence felt in the web world. In this competitive scenario, all the companies are in continuous pursuit to build up an unrivaled image in the global market.

The success of a business concern primarily depends on strategic determination of the target audience for whom the products are targeted. Websites designs are made keeping in mind the requirements of the visitors and the benefits derived there after by the particular website. Any website design be it an informative, entertainment or business site must have the ability to retain visitors for a long time. A good website design rich in contents has an inalienable ability to attract more and more traffic.

Target Audience

Target audience is one of the core factors for web design. There are broadly two types of websites – Personal and Business Website.

Personal Website –

When the entire content of a domain name belonging to the person forms personal pages then it is termed as personal website. Again, personal web pages can be a page or pages that are part of a larger domain on which other pages are located for instance larger site like a student’s website for school, college, university. Sometimes, personal web pages are also used for informative or entertainment purposes.

Personal site endorsed by the celebrity and maintained by an individual or company directly associated with the celebrity is termed as an “official website of celebrities” Press releases, tour dates and promotional materials of celebrities are published through this website for the public Blogging is another process of creating a space of one’s own. Some group of viewers utilizes personal web pages included in the free services provided by social networking sites.

Business Website designs –

Business Website designs, which are interactive, communicative, and user friendly make an impressive corporate identity in the web industry. The websites for business are designed on the nature of the business, availability of the resources, corporate goals and the demands and need of the prospective target viewer. There are different types of website design depending on the type of the industry mainly static and dynamic website.

1. Small industries have static website designs wherein the content and products are not updated regularly as the company depends on a website development company to make the latest changes.

2. Dynamic Websites of big industries are updated regularly by the site owners with their own web-based software or programme application without knowledge of html or other web languages. Three types of dynamic websites of hybrid nature:

– E-Commerce Website: These websites primarily aim towards target viewers who do online shopping. Advertisements of the products and services help to garner more target viewers. Apart from Shopping Cart System, Quotation System is another alternative wherein the target viewer fills in the requirement in the “quotation” and submits to the company whereupon the traction process begins.

– Community Website: This kind of website is aimed for certain group of target viewers such as job seekers, online date makers and is highly interactive in nature. Instances such as Online Dating Websites, Job Search Websites, Special-Interest Portals, Discussion Boards etc.

– Information Website: The target viewers are visitors who submit contents of current trends and interests. The site owners keep an eye on the type of the content in order to avoid spamming while content developers modify it. Article directories, website directories, a Short Story or Poetry submission website, etc. are some instances.

Corporate Websites publish photo galleries, press releases and other relevant things to target the customers. Corporate websites offer online enquiries facility and is responsive to the target viewer. The target visitors of corporate sector are its clients, the business partners. The products and services are launched after market survey, advertisements to meet the needs of the target viewers.

For any well made website design it is highly essential to appeal to the target audience. In fact, the determination of target viewer is the stepping-stone to the building of a successful website which makes way for more traffic and brisk business.


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