Shockwave Flash Plug-In Crash – Learn an Easy Fix For Shockwave Flash Plug-In Crash

Shockwave Flash Plug-In Crash – Learn an Easy Fix For Shockwave Flash Plug-In Crash


What is Shockwave Flash plug-in crash and what causes it in your browser is a common question asked by many web users. The problem becomes a great nuisance when users cannot play videos on Internet. The problem occurs when there is issue with Flash plug-in or some other internal Windows settings.

There are various active-x components in plug-ins and they may conflict with each other which causes Flash content to crash on the web browsers. There are many other causes but first thing to figure out is that whether problem is with all browsers or Shockwave Flash plug-in crash is occurring only in Google Chrome. In this situation scan Windows registry with powerful registry cleaner and PC optimizer tool.

Below are outlined few easy steps to fix Shockwave Flash plug-in crash in your Internet browser.

> First of all uninstall Adobe Flash player Active X and plug-in and reinstall it. By un-installing applications there may be left some traces in the registry. These traces later interfere and make it difficult for the browsers to properly display video content on your system. That’s why it is recommended to remove the Adobe Flash Player through control panel.

Here is how you can do that:

1. Start || Control Panel || Add or Remove Programs

2. Select Adobe Flash Player.

3. Remove from your computer.

> If problem persists then problem could be in your sound drivers.

1. Right Click on Computer on the desktop.

2. Select Properties || Hardware || Device Manager.

3. Note down the name of the device.

4. Uninstall it.

5. Reboot your machine. Windows 7 and Vista would automatically download and reinstall the sound driver.

> After this step, scan and repair registry errors with recommended registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.


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