Printable Prayer Cards

Printable Prayer Cards


Many family members design printable funeral prayer cards as an added tribute to the deceased. What are these types of cards? They can come with printing on both sides, with a certain form of prayer on one along with a snapshot of the dearly departed on the other.

A picture of the deceased, the date of birth, along with day of passing are mentioned on the front of a card. “In Loving Memory of” and “Forever in Each of our Hearts” are good examples of titles which may be displayed on the title of a card.

The back of the card includes a quick prayer or maybe even a shorter poem. The memorial cards are the width of a little larger than the size of a business card and most may be purchased laminated or families will laminate it yourself.

Lamination keeps and safeguards the funeral prayer card, producing an everlasting expression of the loved one. The more compact sizing of the card allows for hassle-free transport in either a handbag or wallet. Virtually any variety of prayer may be contained on the backside of the cards. Frequently it’s more sincere and personalized when the prayer is published by a family member. You can moreover distribute these out along with the funeral programs or other memorial keepsake items. Printing them yourself is a wise choice because there are many advantages to doing so.

Besides saving money and time, you can print them anytime you need to create a prayer card. It’s rewarding making things on your own and it does give you a sense of satisfaction.


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