Post-College, The Road Less Traveled

Post-College, The Road Less Traveled


Now I have always been a firm believer of doing what makes you happy, after all, you only get a few rare opportunities in life to determine what you do for a living. I actually studied architecture in college but as I got through my later years of school I knew that the profession of architecture wasn’t for me. Of course, I did want to design; the goal of every architect is to be able to design. Through my years of school, I had always been   designing   web  sites, as a kind of hobby. It always gave me a great sense of accomplishment to see my design whenever I wanted and from any computer. Since it was something I really enjoyed, I naturally wanted to be a part of the profession after college.

Another thing you should probably know about me is that I have never been the “office type”. The 9-5 world takes some getting used to, and I would rather not adjust to it. Instead I combined all my professional loves into a company, co-owned by one of my classmates. The company is ArchTeque, and we do  web   design , 3d modeling, digital portfolios, and flash presentations. ArchTeque is our baby, born with zero start-up money and just a couple desktop computers. So how will we compete with these huge  web   design  companies that have been around since the Internet itself? Well, it’s the Internet, and with the Internet comes endless opportunities.

The Internet is a great leveler for all companies, but there is just one key issue that will make a new company like this a success. Hard-work! Sure it’s a bit over-stated, but it really is the answer to any business. Well, that and making correct marketing decisions and a little bit of luck can’t hurt.

So, for two guys with master’s degrees in architecture, looking to start their careers and attack this world head on, ArchTeque is our solution. Just a piece of advice for all you recent graduates or soon to be recent graduates, do what makes you happy. Because this is the time in your life when you will have the opportunity to chase a dream. Hopefully you are faster than it!


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