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Photo Hosting


Sharing and printing photos on the Internet has always been difficult for everyone. Trouble with attaching the photos when emailing as well as when uploading them inevitably occurs if you are trying to make it in the commonplace manner. Recently, the situation has improved by the appearance of online photo albums. There exists a large variety of different photo albums on the Internet. Their priority is to ease the process of photo sharing and printing. Online albums offer photo hosting for all kinds of photos. Both professional photographers and laics use the service to show their photos in publicity.

In what these photo sharing sites differ from the ordinary photo albums that people create on their web sites? The difference is only that online albums provide easier ways to share your photos. Many people in the past years became virtually fed up with life when they tried to upload their photos on a given web site. The procedure of uploading was so tediously long and took a really long time. First people had to scan their photos. Next, they had to convert them into a .gif or .jpg file format. They had then to resize the photo in case it doesn’t fit in the hosting services guidelines. Uploading it to the Web site’s server was the next procedure. Another thing was to ascertain the URL for the photo. Additionally, a code on the page had to be put, so that the photo would show up. As this long procedure wasn’t enough, people also needed to create thumbnails for every photo on the site so that loading of the page became faster (of course, not forgetting to create links to each graphic from the particular thumbnail!). If there were too many photos, the site would take years to wholly load. Uploading digital photos is a little bit easier, as scanning and format converting are omitted, but there still remain the other exasperating procedures, which usually take forever to accomplish.

What are the priorities that photo hosting sites have over the commonplace photo albums on web sites? is designed to accomplish the whole uploading procedure for you. Your photos will be uploaded in just a few clicks and their online display will not depend on your HTML abilities. You don’t need to know anything about uploading to use the photo hosting service that offers. Another point is that the visitors of your album will have full access to the photos, if you only give them one URL address.

Pixyshare is one of the various photo hosting sites, but it offers many new extra features that other photo hosting albums lack. It is designed for photographers who like to display their photos on the Internet without having to bother about uploading procedures. For creating an account you only need to choose an username. Creating photo albums is easy and what’s more, it brings pleasure. In addition, there are no limitations about the amount of photos to be uploaded on a given album. In comparison to other photo hosting albums, which limit your files sizes up to few MBs, gives you the opportunity to upload a file with up to 10 MB in size. You may as well delete or compress original images, using our Original Image Processing tool, so that you have full control of your disk space. Another advantage of Pixyshare is the affiliate program, which offers a discount if your friends also become members. Any time a friend of yours becomes a member, you will be paid 6 $ for having asked him or her to use our service. Unlike most of the paid photo hosting sites that give you limited trial period, we offer you no time limitations when you want to try our service. Get your pictures online for as long as you like, and take your time to decide whether you like to join us.

Pixyshare is designed to make everything automatically – thumbnails, changing photo sizes and so on. You can add comments about each one of your photos. You may password-protect some of the photos so that only selected people can see them. You can choose the size of your photos: medium, small or large, depending on your preferences.

Pixyshare is the perfect photo hosting portal on the Internet if you want to discover the advantages of online albums. Just try it, without spending any money: the primary service is free and offers many extra features.


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