Peace of Mind With Ford’s Sync Technology

Peace of Mind With Ford’s Sync Technology


Ford’s 911 Assist, a part of Ford’s exclusive SYNC system since 2009, may be one of the handiest features drivers hope they’ll never need. It also gives drivers peace of mind!

On any given day, you may be driving your brand-new Ford vehicle when the unexpected happens – another car might crash into you or there might be some other traffic accident. After almost any accident the driver is dazed and confused, totally unsure of what just happened. Then the next thing you might hear from your car is a woman’s voice that says… “A 911 call is being placed.”

In the event of an accident involving the activation of an air bag or, on certain vehicles, the emergency fuel pump shutoff, 911 Assist will place a call directly to a local 911 emergency operator. In such a situation that an occupant cannot respond, SYNC speaks to the 911 service and alerts an operator that a crash has occurred.

When a cell phone is properly paired, turned on and connected to SYNC which is designed to occur every time the driver enters the vehicle with his or her cell phone the system is ready to go.

Many people don’t know, but for many years cell phones have been made with GPS chips already in them. This technology, combined with the Sync system, helps the 911 operator help locate where you are – even if you don’t know exactly where you are. And you can speak directly to the 911 operator and let them know of your physical condition.

One Ford customer, involved in a collision where the system automatically called 911, said “I thought this stuff was only in commercials. It really does work.” After SYNC connected her with a local 911 operator, the customer said, she was able to give out the relevant information. Soon the police and fire trucks arrived on the scene in just a few moments later.

Unlike other crash notification services, 911 Assist does not require the customer to sign up and pay for a costly monthly service subscription; SYNC uses a customer’s existing mobile phone. Also, a key advantage of the system is speed, since calls are placed directly to the local 911 operators not a third party call center, as with other competitive systems.

The speed and efficiency it takes to contact emergency services could mean the difference between life and death. And it seems that Ford’s 911 Assist feature can offer that.

Nearly all 2008 and early model-year 2009 Ford vehicles equipped with the original SYNC system are eligible for the upgrade, which also includes the innovative Vehicle Health Report feature. All Sync equipped vehicles since mid-year 2009 have already got this feature.

Vehicle Health Report (VHR) gives customers the ability to monitor and manage their vehicle’s health in a single, easy-to-read report and receive important notifications. Using the SYNC Web site customers can set up personal preferences for report content and notification methods to activate the service. Once established, a confidential report can be requested using simple voice commands.

The report includes diagnostic systems’ statuses, scheduled maintenance, needed repairs from the last dealership visit, and will even alert owners of any open recalls. Customers can print the report, email it to others, or with one additional click go to their preferred dealer’s Web site with report information ready and waiting. All that’s needed is for them to select an appointment time and confirm the request. If the owner is facing a diagnostic problem that’s deemed severe, the system will quickly send a text message to the owner’s cell phone, with specific actions on how to best handle the situation.

Ford’s Sync system is designed, overall, for peace of mind. In addition to making and receiving phone calls in a hands-free format, plus handling your infotainment, the SYNC system seems to have it all. For more information contact a Ford technology Consultant or visit


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